Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Scott Lycett

Scott Lycett of Port Adelaide Power contract information, AFL news, stats and rumours.

Player Details

Weight98 kg
Height203 cm (6 ft 8 in)
Date of Birth26/09/1992 (26 years old)

Player Contracts

Port Adelaide Power

Career Stats

2011 (West Coast)47112300120
2012 (West Coast)57124610211
2013 (West Coast)3244762581271522
2014 (West Coast)68761444616413633135
2015 (West Coast)3532671898662032
2016 (West Coast)13312525870396412590148
2017 (West Coast)661231810000
2018 (West Coast)167145312695035035831010
2019 (Port Adelaide)1051052104236821314554

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