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Sydney forward Sam Wicks can expect the attention of the AFL's Match Review Officer for a late hit on Brisbane's Ryan Lester.

The second quarter incident is likely to gain some level of scrutiny of the MRO, with Wicks making late and high contact with Lester after the Lion disposed of the ball. Wicks was reported for the incident.

Running out of his side's defensive 50, Lester is met by Wicks shortly after kicking the ball, with the Sydney forward lifting off the ground and raising his forearm - which made contact with Lester's head - in a brace for contact.

Wicks' actions are likely to place the 23-year-old in hot water, expected to be graded as careless conduct and high contact, with the level of impact likely to determine his fate.

With Lester able to play out the match, Wicks' impact grading is likely to be between medium and high, with the former the more probable grading that would hand the Sydney player a one-game suspension.

The view of high impact would see Wicks miss two matches.

Sydney is scheduled to face West Coast and Geelong across the next two rounds before a game against Richmond.

Elsewhere, Brisbane's Jarrod Berry will be waiting nervously for the MRO's findings from the same game after being reported for rough conduct.

Berry was penalised during the third quarter for a dangerous tackle on Swan Will Hayward, an incident that the MRO will assess at the very least.

The MRO will need to decide first if Berry's actions are deemed as a reportable offence. Berry isn't seen to be pinning either of Hayward's arms by the end of the tackle, with Berry giving Hayward an "opportunity to protect himself" and avoiding placing Hayward in a "vulnerable position".

If the MRO does few the tackle as a reported offence due to careless conduct, Berry could face a week on the sidelines with gradings of high contact and medium impact.

Brisbane is scheduled to face St Kilda and Richmond in the coming fortnight.

The MRO will hand down their findings from Friday's game on Saturday evening.