MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 23: Carlton fans are see during the AFLW Preliminary Final match between the Carlton Blues and the Fremantle Dockers at Ikon Park on March 23, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Mike Owen/Getty Images)

An AFL spokesperson has confirmed the league has asked the Carlton cheersquad for a please explain for a chant directed at an umpire during their round eight loss to Collingwood.

The Blues’ cheersquad was heard chanting “you are a wanker” towards the official, with SEN’s Sam McClure breaking the news on Tuesday night.

“The Carlton Football Club has been issued with a please explain over the cheer squad last week in the game against Collingwood chanting you are a wanker to an umpire,” he told SEN’s Time On.

“They’ve been issued a please explain for the cheer squad chanting abuse towards an umpire.”

“Carlton officials are scratching their head.”

The AFL has confirmed the please explain has been sent to the Blues, although a spokesperson for the league has broken down exactly why it has been handed out.

“What happened is, they were using an instrument during the match, and they know they are not allowed to, because when they got approval at the start of the season, it was to be used after goals and not during play,’’ an AFL spokesman confirmed to the Herald Sun.

“They were asked to stop by a match-day official and they didn’t.

“They used in their chant, umpire you’re a wanker.

“They are getting a please explain to why they are doing that.’’


  1. OMG are you joking you know how many cheer squad’s Do the same thing as the Carlton one all of them that chant has been going on for years I’ve been going to the footy for 40 years plus cheer squad’s will always say that of the umpire it’s just a bloody game get over yourself AFL

  2. it seems to me that sport, particularly AFL is becoming far too precious, and aware of political correctnes, in their endeavours to try to control the fans of the various clubs. The AFL, I would think, would and should have more important things to concern themselves with than taking away what fans have been doing for years. And if the umpire concerned can’t take some criticism for his poor performance, perhaps he might look elsewhere for another sport he can adjudicate.

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