Name: Clayton Oliver

Position: Midfielder

DOB: 20/07/1997

Height: 187cm

Weight: 85kg

Draft range: 10-20

Pub summary: Strong bodied midfielder who won the Morrish Medal (TAC Cup best and fairest)


  • Stoppages
  • One on one contested marking situations
  • Hits the scoreboard
  • Tackling


  • Not the quickest player
  • Skills aren’t elite


Clayton Oliver is a chance to sneak into the top 10 of this year's draft. Six months ago however, he would have been lucky to be in most pundits' top 20 selections.

Oliver’s game reminds me of Dustin Martin, strong around the contest, takes marks, hits the scoreboard and can make players look foolish in a one on one situation. I strongly recommend you watch the highlights package and let me know what you think, as it’s hard to understand why there isn’t a bit more excitement around this draft prospect.

Then again maybe it's not that hard to understand. What Oliver does lack is some pace and a bit more polish two things that often grab attention early, a player who isn’t exceptional in at least one of these traits often needs to put together a body of work before they get the praise they deserve. Clayton Oliver has put together that work.

Clayton Oliver is a hard player not to like, he just looks like he is begging for the contest every time he goes near the ball and it's this attitude that underlies each of his strengths. They all require a will to win which bodes well for his development inside the AFL system.

Expect Oliver to get drafted around the pick 15 mark, if your club gets him, you are going to love him.