Port Adelaide 97 def Collingwood 69

A young Pies outfit started off firing against a finals bound Port, taking a 21 to 16 lead into quarter time. The strong start was short-lived as the Power turned up the pressure and outplayed Collingwood to a take a commanding 19 point lead into the major break. The second-half saw the Pies muster up several attempts at a comeback that were ultimately unsuccessful. The more experienced Power absorbed all the Collingwood pressure as they continued responding on the scoreboard, eventually finishing up 28 point winners. 

Ollie Wines continued his dominant form as he racked up 3o possessions, 7 clearances and a goal, while Willem Drew shined with 32 touches, 8 clearances and 5 tackles. 

Ed Carmine: 5. Willem Drew, 4.Ollie Wines, 3. Karl Amon, 2. Travis Boak, 1. Charlie Dixon

Mitch Keating: 5. Willem Drew, 4. Karl Amon, 3. Ollie Wines, 2. Jack Crisp, 1. Charlie Dixon

Ed Lemmo: 5. Ollie Wines, 4. Travis Boak, 3. Willem Drew, 2. Jack Crisp, 1. Karl Amon

Nick Splitter: 5. Ollie Wines, 4. Karl Amon, 3. Travis Boak, 2. Willem Drew, 1. Steele Sidebottom

Carlton 77 def by North Melbourne 116

A bottom placed North were able to slug it out with a Carlton side that had were fighting to claw into finals. This was until the second-half where the Roos absolutely went to town on the lacklustre Blues defence, quickly amassing a 38 point lead heading into the final term. The Blues showed some signs of life as they kicked 6 goals in the fourth, only to be let down by poor defensive efforts again as North Melbourne casually added another 6 goals to their tally.

Tarryn Thomas was on fire as he collected 23 possessions, 5 clearances and 4 goals, with Nick Larkey booting 7 majors himself. 

Ed Carmine: 5. Tarryn Thomas, 4. Nick Larkey, 3. Luke Davies-Uniacke, 2. Jy Simpkin, 1. Jaidyn Stephenson

Mitch Keating: 5. Nick Larkey, 4. Tarryn Thomas, 3. Jy Simpkin, 2. Jaidyn Stephenson, 1. Luke Davies-Uniacke

Ed Lemmo: 5. Luke Davies-Uniacke, 4. Jy Simpkin, 3. Tarryn Thomas, 2. Ben Cunnington, 1. Nick Larkey

Nick Splitter: 5. Tarryn Thomas, 4. Nick Larkey, 3. Jy Simpkin, 2. Jaidyn Stephenson, 1. Luke Davies-Uniacke

Brisbane 120 def Gold Coast 71

An inspired Gold Coast were able to stun Brisbane in the opening-half as their aggressive play opened a commanding 27 point lead. However, in typical Suns fashion they were unable to sustain their intensity over the second-half as Brisbane kicked into high-gear and smothered their cross-town rival. The Lions went on to outscore the Suns 87-11 over the second-half to emerge victorious by 49 points.

Jarryd Lyons impressed for Brisbane as he accumulated 33 disposals, 4 clearances and 6 tackles, with the Oscar McInerney tallying 18 touches along with his 12 clearances and 39 hit outs. 

Ed Carmine: 5. Brayden Fiorini, 4. Jarryd Lyons, 3. Touk Miller, 2. Mitch Robinson, 1. Lincoln McCarthy

Mitch Keating: 5. Oscar McInerney, 4. Brayden Fiorini, 3. Daniel Rich, 2. Jarryd Lyons, 1. Touk Miller

Ed Lemmo: 5. Brayden Fiorini, 4. Jarryd Lyons, 3. Mitch Robinson, 2. Hugh McCluggage, 1. Touk Miller

Nick Splitter: 5. Oscar McInerney, 4. Daniel Rich, 3. Touk Miller, 2. Brayden Fiorini, 1. Lincoln McCarthy

West Coast 94 def StKilda 86

This contest began as a back-and-forth encounter, until West Coast was able to wrestle away control  as they headed into the half up by 28. An inspired performance by Max King kept the Saints hopes alive during the second-half as he was plucking and goaling everything that came his way. Yet as the Saints rallied late it was the Eagle’s poise and execution under pressure that allowed them to hold off  StKilda by 8 points. 

Dom Sheed was amazing as he tallied 32 disposals, 7 clearances and 2 majors, as Tim Kelly contributed with a handy 26 touches, 5 clearances and a goal. 

Ed Carmine: 5. Dom Sheed, 4. Max King, 3. Tim Kelly, 2. Zak Jones, 1. Andrew Gaff

Mitch Keating: 5. Dom Sheed, 4. Max King, 3. Elliot Yeo, 2. Andrew Gaff, 1. Zak Jones

Ed Lemmo: 5. Dom Sheed, 4. Andrew Gaff, 3. Zak Jones, 2. Max King, 1. Elliot Yeo

Nick Splitter: 5. Dom Sheed, 4. Max King, 3. Tim Kelly, 2. Nic Naitanui, 1. Zak Jones

Melbourne 65 def by Western Bulldogs 85

Both sides went to battle early but Melbourne struggled to convert on the scoreboard, which cost them dearly in the first-half. The Dogs always appeared to have the upper hand in this clash as they moved the ball with greater efficiency while exposing Melbourne’s glaring issue at key forward, as the Dee’s appeared undecided when moving inside 50. The overall strength of both sides kept the scoring relatively low and close despite the general play mostly favouring the Dogs. 

Marcus Bontempelli was at his best as he accumulated 31 disposals, 10 clearances, 6 tackles and 2 goals, while youngster Bailey Smith showed out with 26 touches, 4 clearances, 9 tackles and a goal.

Ed Carmine: 5. Marcus Bontempelli, 4. Caleb Daniel, 3. Bailey Smith, 2. Max Gawn, 1. Clayton Oliver

Mitch Keating: 5. Marcus Bontempelli, 4. Bailey Smith, 3. Caleb Daniel, 2. Clayton Oliver, 1. Jack Macrae

Ed Lemmo: 5. Marcus Bontempelli, 4. Bailey Smith, 3. Caleb Daniel, 2. Clayton Oliver, 1. Jack Viney

Nick Splitter: 5. Marcus Bontempelli, 4. Bailey Smith, 3. Jack Macrae, 2. Caleb Daniel, 1. Max Gawn

Adelaide 102 def Hawthorn 83

Hawthorn looked primed to capitalise off of their come-from-behind draw against Premiership contenders Melbourne last week. However, this wasn't the case as Adelaide came prepared to move the ball aggressively and fast, something that hasn't been seen since the early portion of the season. While the Crows were able to build a lead the Hawks kept the fight going as they kept coming back, getting to within a point during the final term. Ultimately the Hawks poor kicking inside 50 let them down, with the Crow’s relentless attack on the footy being the difference as they emerged 19 point winners. 

Rory Laird dominated with 36 possessions, 10 clearances, 5 tackles and two goals, while Taylor Walker did his part by Booting 4 majors. 

Ed Carmine: 5. Rory Laird, 4. Taylor Walker, 3. James Worpel, 2. Ben Keays, 1. Jaeger O'Meara

Mitch Keating: 5. Rory Laird, 4. Reilly O’Brien, 3. Jaeger O’Meara, 2. Taylor Walker, 1. Harry Schoenberg

Ed Lemmo: 5. Rory Laird, 4. James Worpel, 3. Taylor Walker, 2. Paul Seedsman, 1. Tom Mitchell

Nick Splitter: 5. Rory Laird, 4. Reilly O’Brien, 3. Jaeger O’Meara, 2. Taylor Walker, 1. Brodie Smith

Sydney 98 def Fremantle 58

The Dockers came prepared to play early as they shocked the Swans by hitting the lead and holding it until late in the second term. Nat Fyfe left the ground just before the half with a knock to his injured shoulder, a blow not even the emotional boost of David Mundy’s 350th could overcome. Sydney dominated the third quarter as they scored 33 points to Fremantle’s 1, a trend that continued into the final term as the Swans kicked away en-route to a 40 point win. 

Isaac Heeney was sensational in this bout as he picked up 22 touches and 5 goals, while Josh P. Kennedy bullied his way into 34 disposals, 7 clearances and 7 tackles.

Ed Carmine: 5. Isaac Heeney, 4. Luke Parker, 3. Josh P. Kennedy, 2. Adam Cerra, 1. Jake Lloyd

Mitch Keating: 5. Isaac Heeney, 4. Luke Parker, 3. Josh P. Kennedy, 2. Adam Cerra, 1. Errol Gulden

Ed Lemmo: 5. Isaac Heeney, 4. Jake Lloyd, 3. Luke Parker, 2. Josh P. Kennedy, 1. Adam Cerra

Nick Splitter: 5. Isaac Heeney, 4. Josh P. Kennedy, 3. Luke Parker, 2. Errol Gulden, 1. Adam Cerra

Geelong 95 def Richmond 57

In the second Grand Final re-match of the season the result was much the same, Geelong was too strong and simply outclassed Richmond. After a competitive first quarter, Geelong went to town on the reigning premiers as the booted 5 unanswered goals to head into the half up by 4. While the scoring stalled in the third for the cats, the final term was the same old story as the crushed the Tigers to claim the 38 point win. 

Patrick Dangerfield was spectacular as he accumulated 28 possessions, 7 clearances, 7 tackles and a goal, with Cam Guthrie also having a day out with 34 touches, 7 clearances and 3 tackles. 

Ed Carmine: 5. Cameron Guthrie, 4. Tom Hawkins, 3. Patrick Dangerfield, 2. Isaac Smith, 1. Esava Ratugolea

Mitch Keating: 5. Patrick Dangerfield, 4. Cameron Guthrie, 3. Tom Stewart, 2. Tom Hawkins, 1. Esava Ratugolea

Ed Lemmo: 5. Patrick Dangerfield, 4. Cameron Guthrie, 3. Tom Stewart, 2. Tom Hawkins, 1. Isaac Smith

Nick Splitter: 5. Patrick Dangerfield, 4. Cameron Guthrie, 3. Tom Hawkins, 2. Tom Stewart, 1. Daniel Rioli

Essendon 53 def by Greater Western Sydney 66

With a spot in the 8 up for grabs, it was the Bombers who looked likely to capture the victory early as their quick ball movement was able to stifle the Giants in the first-half. However, Essendon appeared disinterested in the second-half as they surrendered their lead, only mustering 4 points during the third term while the Giants surged to snatch the lead. The Bombers came hard at the Giants in the final quarter but failed to convert in the dying stages, as Greater Western Sydney were able to kick the sealer and hold off the young Dons. The 13 point win now has GWS sitting pretty  8th spot. 

Tom Green was sensational as he collected 29 possessions, 6 clearances and a goal, while elite distributor Lachie Whitfield tallied 35 touches, 2 clearances and 355 meters gained. 

Ed Carmine: 5. Lachie Whitfield, 4. Tom Green, 3. Josh Kelly, 2. Dyson Heppell, 1. Harry Perryman

Mitch Keating: 5. Lachie Whitfield, 4. Tom Green, 3. Sam Taylor, 2. Josh Kelly, 1. Isaac Cumming

Ed Lemmo: 5. Lachie Whitfield, 4. Tom Green, 3. Dyson Heppell, 2. Josh Kelly, 1. Harry Perryman

Nick Splitter: 5. Lachie Whitfield, 4. Tom Green, 3. Harry Perryman, 2. Jordan Ridley, 1. Sam Taylor