Brisbane’s Mitch Robinson was reported for this high bump on Joel Selwood late in Geelong’s 69-point win over the Lions.

Robinson’s shoulder appeared to hit Selwood’s head, which is likely to result in a suspension for the former Blue.

The only thing that may help Robinson, is Selwood’s quick recovery, as he immediately rose from the ground and jogged off for the next play, where he received the ball in Geelong’s forward halfย before passingย the ball inside 50.


  1. Absolutely deserves to be suspended for at LEAST 6 weeks.
    U can’t go around head-butting another players shoulder like that.
    Disgusting play by selwood…

  2. No he shouldn’t. But knowing afl they will because he did turn into it. It was good to see some more mongrel in the players. I think that battle made a hard to watch game entertaining.

  3. A player with half a brain would’ve made a similar hit, but a bit lower. Then not risked walking the ever changing MRP tightrope.
    He doesn’t deserve to be suspended, but I hope Leppo gives Robinson a war bashing.

  4. He wasn’t even looking at the ball and not to mention the 3 times before that he targeted Selwood. Give him a week and tell him to pull his head out of his arse.

  5. Lots of Selwood bashers (typical), would like to see the comments if it was on another player. Robinson deserves 4 weeks for being that soft he couldn’t put Selwood down after lining him up.

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