After being traded from Collingwood to North Melbourne on the last day of the trade period, Atu Bosenavulagi has spoken about the move and how it came about.

Bosenavulagi, 20, featured in three games for the Pies in 2020 and looked promising in his appearances.

Despite not wanting to leave Collingwood, Bosenavulagi said he did what he felt would be best for his career.

“I got offered to play at North a month before the trade,” he said on SEN Drive.

“I had a few weeks to think and Collingwood hadn’t offered me a contract yet, so I was up in the air.

“I wanted to stay but at the same time, at the end I chose what was best for me.

“I obviously wanted to get more of a run and I thought I’d have more of a chance if I went to North.”

Bosenavulagi added that with the youth and leadership North Melbourne have, it was something he wanted to be apart of.

“Yeah, that’s definitely one of the big reasons I moved as well,” he added.

“Seeing North having a lot of young players and good leadership there I just thought I’d like to be a part of it.

“I definitely want to show what I can do so I guess that’s why I took the opportunity to go to North.

“Seeing a club that is growing, having good people there, good facilities and knowing Tyler Brown’s dad (Gavin) who works there.

“I was glad to see that they were going in the right direction and having a lot of young players there, so it’s definitely looking good.”

Bosenavulagi also thanked Collingwood and was grateful for the time he had at the club and learning from some of the best in the game, such as Scott Pendlebury.

“I enjoyed my two years there,” he said.

“It was obviously hard to get your spot and keep your spot in the team. But it was definitely a great experience for me.

“I learnt a lot professionally from the leaders like Scott Pendlebury and those guys who really helped me a lot and developed myself on and off the field.”