MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 23: Will Bravo of the Dandenong Stingrays, Josh Sinn of the Sandringham Dragons, Nick Daicos of the Oakleigh Chargers and Zavier Maher of the Murray Bushrangers pose at Ikon Park on March 23, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/AFL Photos/via Getty Images)

The 2021 AFL National Draft order is set to see further shuffling at the top of the queue due to a number of highly-rated father-son prospects, while this year's Draft will also see a new system in place for matching selections on Next Generation Academy (NGA) prospects.

Father-son prospects, Nick Daicos (Collingwood), and Sam Darcy (Western Bulldogs), are seen as potential top-five selections in this year's draft class, which will warrant high bids from rival clubs.

These bids will reshuffle the draft order, with the Magpies and Dogs needing to package up their own picks in order to level the required points tally for those early certain selections.


Every selection from Pick 1 (3000 points) to Pick 73 (9 points) has a "value," while clubs have priority access to players from their own academies, and father-son prospects.

AFL clubs are able to bundle multiple later draft selections in order to match the required points tally, with clubs that have access to father-son and NGA players given a 20 percent points discount for those selections.

Following the Jamarra Ugle-Hagan selection at #1 in the 2020 AFL Draft - in which the Western Bulldogs matched Adelaide's first pick - the league reformed the system for bidding on NGA prospects ahead of this year's AFL Draft, meaning any bid for an Academy player inside the top 20 selections can't be matched.

So what does this mean? Here are some scenarios to help.

Scenario 1: The Gold Coast Suns currently hold Pick 3 at the 2021 National Draft and may look to select father-son prospects, Nick Daicos, or Sam Darcy, should they still be available for selection.

Let's say the Suns 'select' Daicos with Pick 3, the Magpies will need to match that selection with draft points. Pick 3 equates to 2234 points and with a 20 percent discount, Collingwood's required points tally comes to 1787 points.

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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 23: Nick Daicos of the Oakleigh Chargers poses at Ikon Park on March 23, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/AFL Photos/via Getty Images)

The Magpies will then need to package up multiple draft selections of their own in order to match the selection bid on their father-son prospect, and attain Daicos' services.

Collectively, the Magpies' current draft hand of picks 36, 38, 40, 46, 48, 55, 58, 78 and 79 tally a total of 2406 points.

Therefore the Magpies won't have to give up all of their drat hand, however will lose a majority of their picks in order to match the required total of 1787 points.

Those picks will then come out of the draft order and each club placed behind those picks will advance their position on the board.

Scenario 2: North Melbourne may look to select Sam Darcy with the first overall selection at the 2021 National Draft.

Pick 1 is worth 3000 points alone, which will see the Bulldogs require 2400 points (following the 20 percent discount) to acquire Darcy, the son of former All Australian and Bulldogs' best and fairest, Luke Darcy.

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The Dogs currently hold Picks 23, 43, 44, 45, 52, 93, which only amass a total points tally of 2148 points - 252 points shy of the required total to draft Darcy.

The Bulldogs could look to trade draft future selections in order to attain enough draft points to match the  Kangaroos #1 selection, or, could go into deficit for the 2022 AFL Draft, which would see the Dogs' first pick in next year's draft lose value.

Fremantle did this in 2019, matching an early bid on NGA prospect Liam Henry at Pick 9, however, the Dockers didn't have enough points to match the required total. That bid saw the Dockers lose 264.9 points from their first selection in the 2020 AFL Draft, moving back their first-round pick in the draft order from #7 to #12, which ended up being the 14th selection after two earlier academy selections (Jamarra Ugle-Hagan and Braeden Campbell).

Scenario 3: Hawthorn select Melbourne NGA prospect, Mac Andrew, with Pick 5.

GEELONG, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 24: Mac Andrew of the NAB AFL Academy and Darcy Fort of the Cats contest the ruck during the match between the NAB AFL Academy and the Geelong Cats VFL side at GMHBA Stadium on April 24, 2021 in Geelong, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/AFL Photos/via Getty Images)

Despite being a prioritised prospect, the Demons are ineligible to match Hawthorn's bid on the athletic Mac Andrew, as his selection comes within the top 20 picks of the draft. As mentioned earlier, the AFL reformed matching bids for NGA prospects inside the Top 20 picks for the 2021 AFL Draft.

Melbourne would have been able to match the bid last year, as seen with the Bulldogs and Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, however, in 2021 clubs can only match selections on NGA prospects after pick 20.

Should a team use Pick 21 or later to select Andrew instead, then the Demons will be able to match the Hawks' bid and recruit their NGA graduate.