Their best season was in 2009 as it was the clubs only finals appearance in the last decade. Led by Jonathon Brown, the Lions finished 6th on the ladder as they lost to the Bulldogs in the semi final.

Throughout the last decade, the Lions have spent most of its time in the bottom four and look to be fighting for the wooden spoon this season.

The Lions' best 22 has a strong midfield that would win the contested ball against most teams, with the likes of Simon Black, Dayne Beams and Mitch Robinson. This midfield is complemented by the running and goalkicking ability of Dayne Zorko and Tom Rockliff.

Harris Andrews is set to be the premier key defender for the next decade, while the one-two punch of Brown and Bradshaw is as formidable as any.

Brisbane's Top 22

FB: Joel Patfull, Daniel Merrett, Darcy Gardiner

HB: Ashley McGrath, Harris Andrews, Daniel Rich

C:  Simon Black, Jack Redden, Pearce Hanley

HF: Dayne Zorko, Jonathon Brown (c), Mitch Robinson

FF: Lewis Taylor, Daniel Bradshaw, Jared Brennan

R: Stefan Martin, Tom Rockliff, Dayne Beams

I: Eric Hipwood, Jed Adcock, Alex Witherden, Matthew Leuenberger

Note: We only looked at players’ outputs from 2008-2018, and didn’t take take into account anything prior to 2008.

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