GEELONG, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 12: Eddie McGuire looks on during the round two AFL match between the Geelong Cats and the Fremantle Dockers at Simonds Stadium on April 12, 2015 in Geelong, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire has released a statement regarding the drugs scandal engulfing the club.

“Now that everyone has had a couple of days of running around with this, hopefully we can take a deep breath and deal with what this is all about. Collingwood has been thrown right under the bus here,” McGuire said in a statement released to the Sunday Footy Show.

“This testing is designed to stop people getting into further trouble with experimenting or taking drugs. It is for statistical purposes.

“It would be like taking a breathalyser to a workplace the morning after a Christmas party and saying everyone is an alcoholic.

“What I would really like to have come out of this is some community leadership, and maybe for the AFLPA and AFL to realise that the people best placed to deal with this are the clubs.”

Collingwood became the centre of an illicit drugs scandal on Thursday night after the Herald Sun reported that 11 players from the Pies tested positive to illicit drugs during the off-season.


  1. Only Essendon can get lambasted, Eddie’s love children need to be looked after and not to mention the clubs that were worse and those just under or equal. This is supposed to be a professional sport let’s treat it that way and ban all players who test positive simple

  2. That’s #Bullshit Eddie…. Like RBT tests the day after Xmas ~ what every day at Collingwood is the day after Xmas…. The Clubs are not geared to deal with this at all & clearly it hasn’t worked… What you should be aiming for Eddie is total compliance as these are illicit drugs ~ not performance enhancing ….
    And I disagree with the 3/strikes and your out AFL this is a policy that is clearly not working… If any player from my club is caught ~ I would be asking for action to be taken not excuses …

  3. U CANT DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE !!!!! Eddie if ur players wernt taking DRUGS, this would not even be an issue !!!!! U were caught out, & yes other clubs will probably be outed as well, but bottom line is, u hav players TESTING POSITIVE 2 DRUGS & that comes after 2 of ur players hav already been suspended 4 TESTING POSITIVE !!!!! Should hav Learnt frm that Lesson !!!!!!

  4. Funny all these comments and no one except the AFL knows if the story is true. I have found over the years a lot of what I read in the paper is nothing like the truth.

  5. There is a huge difference between a program run within the club by the medicos sports scientist and what the Collingwood have done, not the only club to be caught

    The herald sun have made an absolute meal of the whole thing, should never be coming public the AFLPA are right behind Collingwood, it’s the old thing of young people with lots of money trying drugs

    The Herald Sun knew what they were doing and should be ashamed at the timing, and singling out one club,

    If this was your club you’d jump up and down and say it isn’t fair but because it’s Collingwood is ok to talk shit

    What the players took has nothing to do with the club running a substance program

    • Well, given that performance yesterday it’s pretty clear they weren’t on anything performance enhancing :P. Sorry, couldn’t resist. But yeah, the original statements sounded far more serious than what is coming out now.

  6. So when do the 2 clubs who returned higher readings than collingwood get named as well as 6 six who recorded same number as collingwood get named.

  7. I think they are (AFLPA) going to can this at the next eba.yes collingwood have been identified but i am sure there are a few other clubs north of the border who would be in the same boat . collingwood sells news so thats why they have been mentioned first.

  8. It’s a joke that Collingwood were the only club named at deaths knock of the season starting!
    Every year the vermin we know as the media do this! They pick a club to bring down!
    Bloody mungrels!!

  9. no sorry eddie we dont leave this upto the clubs but what needs to happen is first drugs are illegal so 12 mths first offence 2 yrs 2nd offence . or pick a pre season date test every player any test positive test them every day till the tests are neg if any test goes up then the player is done for the year but i dont think the afl bosses are qualified to handle anything after the bombers debacle

  10. Eagles supporters remember glass houses, also best remeber the examples of chris mainwaring and ben cousins just to name a couple. Judd didnt leave coz of a better offer but because of the drug culture there.

  11. Thrown under they bus, pffff please! Try nearly 4 years of this saga Eddie, when Essendon have tested negative but found guilty anyway, you have no idea what hell is like. Aww poor Collingwood boohoo, get over your self, man up and deal with it. Drugs are drugs. You were fairly quick to throw Essendon under the bus.

  12. What! Eddie didn’t get the chance to spin it under the carpet. Elite athletes should not take drugs.
    Now that gambling on the game is rampant, even more so.

  13. I think we are all forgetting the real issue. These people, regardless of the jumper they wear, are role models to the millions of kids that idolize them. Time to change our idols to the people that really matter

  14. Should be punished like everyone else, because your magpie shit is it not the same. Collingwood need Eddie & Buckley to move into some other bullshit sport.

  15. I’d be waiting to comment on this on account of there are another few teams that have done this as well so it may be your team that has done it just wait for the announcement it must be coming soon

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