Adelaide forward Shane McAdam is the latest AFL player likely to gain the attention of the Match Review Officer for an ugly incident during the opening weekend of the 2023 season.

Following incidents from Saturday night where Melbourne's Kysaiah Pickett was placed on report for a high bump on Bailey Smith, and Sydney veteran Lance Franklin also found himself on hot water for a hit on Sun Sam Collins, the MRO is set for a busy first week back in the job.

Adding to the two incidents from earlier in the weekend, Crows sharpshooter McAdam will likely find himself in hot water for a bump on GWS youngster Jacob Wehr.

During the third quarter of Sunday's match between the Giants and Crows at GIANTS Stadium, McAdam elected to bump Wehr shortly after the GWS utility gained possession of the ball.

Wehr was immediately sent for a head injury assessment (HIA) following the incident, but was able to walk off the field with the assistance of medical staff following the bump.

McAdam's bump hit Wehr front-on, and could be assessed as a high hit as McAdam's shoulder made contact close to Wehr's head.

Should the MRO view the contact as high, along with the view of McAdam's actions being careless conduct and medium level impact, McAdam would receive a one-game suspension for the bump.

Adelaide are scheduled to face Richmond at Adelaide Oval in Round 2.

Wehr was cleared to continue playing in the match following the required 15-minute HIA period, a factor that may work in favour of McAdam.

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