1. Amazingly, 14 of Geelong’s 46 listed players have first names starting with the letter J.

2. When the game first started in 1858, no time limits existed for matches. The first team to score two goals was declared the winner.

3. Think John is a common name? Think again. There is only one player currently on an AFL list with the first name of John. Port Adelaide’s John Butcher.

4. Geelong defender Harry Taylor correctly predicted that the 2010 AFL Grand Final between Collingwood and St. Kilda would end in a draw.

5. Australian Rules Football is played in over 80 countries, including Denmark, Sweden, America, Canada and South Africa.

6. In 1916, Fitzroy managed to win the wooden spoon and the Premiership in the same year. Only four clubs competed in 1916, due to World War I, with Fitzroy finishing fourth, or last, and then winning the three finals, to claim the premiership.

7. Hawthorn was originally called the Mayblooms.

8. Michael Tuck has the most Premierships for an individual player with an amazing seven Premierships from 11 Grand Finals.

9. Jim Stynes holds the record for the most consecutive games, with 244.

10. The longest ever suspension is 99 weeks. In 1910, Doug Fraser and Alex Lang were found guilty of bribery and suspended for 99 weeks.