St Kilda great Nick Riewoldt believes reluctance from the Essendon camp sealed Ross Lyon's coaching decision.

He also says Lyon may be lost to the coaching world, after the 55-year-old's second straight year of removing himself from prospective leadership races.

On Wednesday, the former Saints and Fremantle coach pulled out of the Bombers' process to find a new senior coach.

Speaking with Fox Footy on AFL 360 Plus, Riewoldt gave his thoughts on the situation involving his former coach.

"There must’ve been some reluctance from some people internally at Essendon about Ross getting the job," Riewoldt delineated.

"So that’s been relayed to Ross and then Ross is an all-in guy.

"If he’s all-in for Essendon, unless they are completely all-in for him then it’s never going to work ... if he’s all-in he expects the same of the people he’s going to be working with."

The five-time All-Australian disputed the idea that Lyon would have tried to control too much at the hanger, talking on his experience with him.

"It would never be a dictatorship with Ross, he never operated that way at St Kilda," he said.

"He would’ve been terrific for that football club."

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 29: Ross Lyon the coach of the Saints speaks to Stephen Milne during a St Kilda Saints AFL training session at Linen House Oval on April 29, 2008 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Lyon, who has driven teams to grand finals on three occasions, twice with St Kilda in 2009 and 2010 and again with Fremantle in 2013, is highly regarded in the coaching world, but after a second year sitting out, Riewoldt is worried this could be it.

"It does sadden me a little bit that he’s not going to be coaching in the immediate future," he said.

"Every time I catch up with him or speak to him or listen to him talk, there’s just a coach there bubbling under the surface.

"Yeah I do (fear he may never coach again). I think the longer you’re out the less likely it is you come back."

The search for a new coach continues for the Bombers, with recently outed GWS coach Leon Cameron now being linked to the red and black.