during the round five AFL match between the St Kilda Saints and the Greater Western Sydney Giants at Etihad Stadium on April 21, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia.

Former Melbourne captain Garry Lyon has slammed AFL players for their poor ball-use by foot, suggesting players are turning over the ball at an all-time high.

Through the opening five rounds, Lyon has had enough of teams butchering the ball heading inside 50, and told SEN Breakfast he’s fed up with what he’s seen.

“Kicking in footy right now is as bad as I’ve ever seen it,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“For goal, kicking inside 50 and some of the general field kicking, at some stage you’ve just got to say enough is enough.

“These are professional full-time footballers who have more access to resources and time than ever before and it is putrid.”

Lyon particularly took exception to an incident on Saturday afternoon, when St Kilda’s Jack Steven overcooked a kick to Jake Carlisle in the final seconds of the Saints’ draw with GWS.

Co-host Tim Watson defended the players are asked Lyon if it was a product of players running more than ever before, but the former Demon wasn’t having it.

“No. Because back when we played we weren’t fit enough to be able to play in that manner because we didn’t train as much as they do in these days,” Lyon said.

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“We were never required to run the way that the current player is.

“They train them to be athletes and to run and be fit and then Jack Steven couldn’t make a 20m kick to Jake Carlisle.”

Lyon went on to say some of the skill errors he’s seen so far this season have been nothing short of “embarrassing.”