AFL logo

Reports say that the AFL has started to brainstorm how the 20-year-old logo can be updated, according to the Herald Sun.

A miffed Collingwood legend Tony Shaw believes that the league should focus on more pressing issues, than what to do with the current oval-shaped logo, which is rumoured to cost over $100,000.

“What a joke. What a deadset joke,” Shaw told Macquarie Sports Radio on Thursday morning of the plan.

“To spend 100 grand, alright I’ll get on the computer and I’ll draw up a nice AFL logo and they can pay me 300 bucks.

“Matter of fact, my grandson will probably be better at doing an AFL logo than half of these idiots they’ve got involved at different levels.

“They’ve probably spent 50 grand to say ‘let’s do research on it to find the bloke who can do it for 100 grand’, so there’s another 150 gone.”

Shaw believes that matters like looking after the game’s grassroots clubs would be a more plausible option to spend the money on, according to Fox Sports.

“What’s wrong with the AFL now, let me tell you — I have been on this for years, probably the last decade. In Victoria, there are country and metro clubs who are folding week-in, week-out because they haven’t got money,” he said.

“Now the AFL will say ‘oh, we’ve had 100 new clubs this year’, but what happens is you get two clubs who are Melbourne-based to make the new club. In other words, that means one has folded. It’s one of the untruths behind the scenes.

“And now they’re saying that football numbers have gone through the roof. You know what that’s on the back of? The AFLW. The girls are playing now.

“Participation, they’ll say it’s gone through the roof, but we’ve just found a new thing with the girls. I’m talking about all-male football clubs that have historically been around for a long time, in the country and also in the metropolitan area.”

Dual Premiership Swan Jude Bolton was also left unimpressed by the League’s decision to spend money on the logo and actually listed other ideas on his Twitter account: