For the sixth year in a row, the Gold Coast Suns are seemingly giving up desirable trade assets in a deal that will see them pocket a significantly weaker package in return.

Across the past five trade windows, the Suns have been part of some astonishing deals that have left them with little, if any, profit, while their rivals walk away from the table with a smile that is sure to reach their ears.

A pair of clubs, Fremantle and Geelong, have been able to take advantage of the Suns' list issues the most, with both sides having landed multiple bargain trade deals that have only added to a frustrating history for the Queensland club.

The imminent Jack Bowes/Pick 7 deal is the latest questionable piece of business from the Suns, with Geelong again looming as the club to benefit from Gold Coast's inability to retain key players.

But when the Suns can manage to stave off rivals for their own young stars, they're often left needing to pay well north of market price to do so. It's a situation that has led to the Bowes situation, and others, in recent years.

In each off-season since 2017, the Suns have managed at least one piece of business that was, and is, seen as a staggering decision, with or without hindsight in play.

So while Bowes' exit could very easily go to the top of the list, we look at some of the Suns' most questionable trade decisions in their short history.

2. 2020 - Trade with Geelong

Gold Coast receive: Future third-round pick

Geelong receive: Pick 27

Hard to make much sense of this one, with Geelong pretty much pocketing a second-round selection in a straight swap for their a future third-round pick, which was tied to Melbourne.

Like the Bowes deal, had this one been offered up by the Suns to the rest of the league, several clubs would have quickly jumped into the queue.

The Suns' acquisition would end up being Pick 52 for the 2021 National Draft - 25 spots and 496 fewer draft points than Pick 27. Collingwood would also be the club that ended up using the pick, selecting Harvey Harrison.

Geelong would go on to secure Shannon Neale at Pick 33, with the selection having been pushed back after father-son and Academy bids.

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In summary, the Suns traded Pick 52 for 33. Truly an astonishing piece of business.