It's hard to believe we're here, but Clayton Oliver's future at Melbourne is unclear despite his contract for the next seven seasons.

Stunning speculation has surrounded the prolific ball-winner over the past 24 hours, with the Demons now reported to be open to the idea of trading on their star midfielder if the right deal arises.

While all 17 rivalling sides would be keen on acquiring the 26-year-old this trade period, only some have the trade capital and list fit to suit a move.

So here we've looked at five clubs that could have a position for Oliver in their side and might even be able to satisfy the Demons.


1. Adelaide

Perhaps aside from their at-times undermanned defence, the Crows' next looming list fix comes from their midfield as they search for a third star piece to work in tandem with Jordan Dawson and Rory Laird.

Adelaide relied on the likes of Rory Laird, Sam Berry, Matt Crouch, Harry Schoenberg and Ben Keays for the role throughout different periods of this year but ultimately reached the end of their 2023 campaign without an answer.

Crouch's late form into the season will be something for Matthew Nicks to consider, but his strong six-game spell to see out the year can't be relied on to help steer this side back to premiership contention.

A move for Oliver would give the Crows the upper hand over most midfield groups with their star three-piece, and Adelaide could have the capital to satisfy the Demons at the trade table.

The Crows hold Picks 9, 21 and 24 for this year's draft as well as their future first-round selection for 2024, while Melbourne are already in talks to acquire Shane McAdam out of West Lakes this off-season.