As the Sir Doug Nicholls rounds approach, all 18 clubs are ready to celebrate their Indigenous players and club members, both past and present.
Each season the clubs design guernseys to commemorate the occasion, with this year's theme being, ā€˜Our Legacy ā€“ This is Us'.
Take a look at each teams guernsey for this season, and decide which design is best.



Triple premiership Lions player, Chris Johnson, has designed the Lions Indigenous guernsey for 2021.

Johnson is a proud Gunditjmara man from South West Victoria, and played for both the Fitzroy Lions which then became the Brisbane Lions.

Johnson decided to create an Indigenous guernsey that represents the history of the Fitzroy Football Club.

"It was a huge responsibility as it was the first ever Fitzroy Indigenous guernsey and I wanted to represent every Indigenous player that represented Fitzroy," Johnson told the club website.

The guernsey features the classic FFC logo in the middle, with six semi circle shapes beneath the logo, celebrating the 13 Indigenous players that played for the club.

The guernsey also features six red circles at the bottom of the jersey representing the grounds that have housed the club throughout the clubs 138 year history.

"Each of those red circles are a campfire or a waterhole or any place where people would traditionally gather together, in this case it can also represent the MCG, and the figures sitting around them are the 28 players I played alongside in those Grand Final triumphs."