Carlton have confirmed they will challenge the AFL Tribunal's decision to uphold Patrick Cripps' two-game suspension.

Cripps was handed the sanction by the Match Review Officer on Monday, with the Blues opting to challenge the charge in the hope their captain was cleared and free to play the final two matches of the home and away season.

The rough conduct charge came following an incident that saw Cripps collide with Lion Callum Ah Chee in Sunday's match at the Gabba, with Ah Chee left concussed after the aerial contest.

At the AFL Tribunal on Tuesday night, Cripps failed in his challenge to overturn the ban, with the jury finding that it was unreasonable for Cripps to contest the ball as he did.

With the Blues captain set to miss his side's final matches against Melbourne and Collingwood amid their finals fight, Carlton have opted to challenge the AFL Tribunal's verdict at the league's appeals board.

The challenge will take place at 6pm (AEST) on Thursday.

Should Cripps be cleared, he will be available for selection for the final two games of the season and will remain in contention for the 2022 Brownlow Medal.

The Blues had challenged the 'careless' conduct grading of Cripps' charge at the AFL Tribunal.

AFL chair Jeff Gleeson explained the Tribunal's reasoning for Cripps' failed bid to overturn the suspension.

"He entered the contest at speed. He saw a player at least in his peripheral vision, and he leapt into the contest," Gleeson said in his summary.

"With both feet off the ground he bumped Mr. Ah Chee at high speed.

"Would a reasonable player find that this was prudent? We find that they would not.

"Mr Cripps could and should have contested the ball differently, and in a way that did not present such a high and serious risk of head injury to his fellow players.

"He could have taken the ball with arms outstretched which would have meant that there was no act of bumping at all.

"Mr Cripps was running towards the ball and conceded he saw a player in his peripheral vision. the vision confirms in any event, the likelihood that he must have done so.

"Mr Cripps changed his shape prior to impact from simply attempting to gather the ball to a bumping position in which he was airborne. That would very likely cause high contact to an opponent.

"We uphold the charge."

Carlton currently sit in the top eight but are at risk of missing out on the September action should they fail to win both of their final two matches.