MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 22: Tiarna Ernst leads the pack during the Western Bulldogs women's AFL training session at Maribyrnong College on November 22, 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/AFL Media/Getty Images)

The AFL has announced that the chest area in the new AFL Women’s league will be off limits.

Players will receive a free kick if they are hit in the chest and the rule will be adjudicated the same as a high tackle or a hit to the groin in the AFL.

The League is finalising the rules and regulations for the inaugural season, with the tribunal process and suspensions to be run the same as in the men’s competition, however, female players will not be fined for misdemeanors.

This is due to the fact that players are part time and are on far smaller salaries than the male players.

“You expect there to be incidents, with clashes and whatever else, I’m not sure about the biff,” AFLW boss Simon Lethlean said.

“They’re competitive these women, they’re the best athletes in their game and they have a big crack, so I imagine that the MRP will have some things to look at.”

The league will confirm the members of the AFLW match review panel within the next week.