17.20 (122)
14.6 (90)
Etihad Stadium


Despite dropping three of their first four games, the Lions have surprised some people with their solid form to start the year. The Bulldogs on the other hand are 3-1, but have not been totally convincing in their performances.

Expect the Dogs to dominate the Lions in this one, with their quality around the ground being too much for the Lions. However, one area where they might struggle is the forward line. Travis Cloke and Stewart Crameri are both out, while Tom Boyd has struggled for form. Brisbane’s back six have been some of the most promising talent on their list, thus the Dogs may have a tough time finding goals.

Brisbane’s lack of depth in the midfield could cost them. The top line talent of Rockliff and Beams don’t quite have the support they need. Luke Beveridge’s side has a plethora of options, who should run the Lions off their feet.

Tip: Bulldogs by 41

Team Line-Ups

IN No change
IN No change
FB 5 Matthew Boyd 18 F. Roberts 12 Zaine Cordy
FF 5 Mitch Robinson 13 Josh Schache 25 Daniel McStay
HB 24 Marcus Adams 10 Easton Wood 2 Bob Murphy
HF 28 Lewis Taylor 30 Eric Hipwood 6 Hugh McCluggage
C 7 Lachie Hunter 40 Luke Dahlhaus 39 J. Johannisen
C 7 Jarrod Berry 15 Dayne Zorko 35 Ryan Lester
HF 5 Josh Dunkley 16 Toby McLean 14 Clay Smith
HB 34 Sam Mayes 24 Liam Dawson 20 Cedric Cox
FF 46 Lin Jong 17 Tom Boyd 42 Liam Picken
FB 17 Claye Beams 31 Harris Andrews 10 Daniel Rich
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Team Stats

419 Disposals 360
151 Contested Possessions 124
223 Kicks 210
196 Handballs 150
20 Free Kicks 14
41 Clearances 40
12 Centre Clearances 20
29 Stoppages 20
62 Inside 50 44
100 Marks 94
21 Marks in 50 8
11 Contested Marks 7
69 Tackles 81
39 Hit-Outs 50

Player Stats

Western Bulldogs

Clay Smith12416411311
Easton Wood10414922
Fletcher Roberts851342
Jackson Macrae1316293131
Jake Stringer1241651233
Jason Johannisen1810282321
Josh Dunkley87154143
Lachie Hunter117182131
Liam Picken1313264411
Lin Jong713202132
Luke Dahlhaus10182881811
Marcus Adams1241610211
Marcus Bontempelli121022622711
Matthew Boyd149235112
Matthew Suckling11112251122
Bob Murphy128206311
Shane Biggs9918421
Toby McLean131124511621
Tom Boyd36921321211
Tom Campbell369226113
Tom Liberatore31720123
Zaine Cordy9413724

Brisbane Lions

Ben Keays66121252
Cedric Cox459212
Claye Beams11415631
Daniel McStay5712514
Daniel Rich1912041
Dayne Beams2115365115
Dayne Zorko2663263822
Eric Hipwood84125432
Harris Andrews1051563
Hugh McCluggage781521211
Jarrod Berry246222
Josh Schache51641
Lewis Taylor1111226131
Liam Dawson718211
Mitch Robinson7142132381
Nick Robertson6171124
Ryan Bastinac7916337
Ryan Harwood671337
Ryan Lester93125222
Sam Mayes131023716
Stefan Martin5131864914
Tom Rockliff15153010141


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
3.7 (25) 5.13 (43) 9.18 (72) 17.20 (122)
5.0 (30) 12.3 (75) 12.5 (77) 14.6 (90)