Collingwood star Adam Treloar has revealed a rather obscure hobby that he partakes in during his spare time.

Speaking on Collingwood media’s Black and White Show, Treloar revealed that he loves playing the card game, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Treloar said that he and teammates Jack Crisp and Jonathon March love to “dual each other”.

“I actually ordered some new cards last week so they should be coming in the next two weeks,” Treloar said.

The former Giant said Crisp is the bets of the three at the moment.

“I’d like to say me, but Crispy has the bragging rights at the moment all because he has this stupid sphere or something like that and I couldn’t beat him with my blue eyed white dragon.”

Treloar also revealed that he is a big gamer and one of his biggest hobbies growing up was playing Play Station and XBox.

“Any game I could get my hands one, I loved the sport games, all the NBA lives, NBA 2K, FIFA, Call of Duty…any game there was…I played them all,” Treloar said.

The 22-year-old said he also loved playing The Sims.

“I remember when my mum first got it I would have been about 10 and I remember wondering ‘what the heck is this that my mum is playing — all these people walking around’,” he said.

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“I never thought I’d play it but I got onto playing it and it is the bomb.”


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