Pies keen on Giants pair

Collingwood is reportedly interested in GWS pair Adam Tomlinson and Will Hoskin-Elliot.

The Herald Sun reports the Pies are interested in both players, who may seek fresh starts after limited opportunities this season.

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The Pies are particularity keen to secure goal kicking midfielder, Hoskin-Elliot.

The 22-year-old, who is contracted for 2017, has played 52 games since being selected with pick No.4 in the 2011 National Draft, but has managed just two games this season.

Tomlinson, also recruited in 2011, has played 13 games this season, including the last eight matches of the year, to total 65 career games.

Meanwhile, Caleb Marchbank yesterday requested a trade, with Carlton the front runners to secure his signature, while Cam McCarthy will join Fremantle this off-season and Jack Steele appears likely to join the Saints.


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    • Hombsch, Phillips, Miles, Boyd, Bruce, and Adams were all also 2s players. Check out GWS on any given weekend to see better players in their respective positions. I liked Bruce a lot, don’t get me wrong, but he was behind players like Cameron/Patton or Davis/Corr/Patful on our depth chart.

      Treloar and Lachie Plowman the only regular “best 22” players who have left the Giants. And we got a good return for Treloar in the Pies first pick this year (that we will use on an academy prospect in the top 10). Plowman we got screwed on, but that happens when you’ve got a list our size chock full of talent.

    • Come on mate. You can do better than that. Why not talk about the topic at hand, instead of taking pot-shots at crowd size?

      Incidentally – GWS are beating Penrith and Wests Tigers (two NRL clubs in the same area) and are very very close to Parramatta (one of the biggest clubs in the NRL in the same area – think Collingwood/Carlton big for reference) in terms of memberships and average crowd size each week. So in context, GWS are doing well. It’ll take a generation for footy to get as big here as it is with the Swans or Victorian clubs.

      No fighting here mate, just looking for decent and accurate discussion around my team. As you point out James Symons, we don’t have as many people to talk footy with up here. Disappointing we can’t just get along through mutual love for the game and that you guys seem more interested in shooting down the fans that ARE here, instead of growing the game and enticing new ones into discussion.

  1. No first round pick, two decent father-son draft targets, and apparent interest in two Giants and a Bulldog. For all this to happen, Collingwood will have to offload more than a couple of players.

  2. I’ve heard rumours that Collingwood are also interested in LeBron James. I mean, seriously, where do all these rumours come from? I reckon I’ve read about Collingwood being interested in every available player in the last 5 years.

  3. you are all so gullible…guess why this is the lead article on this site? it’s called “çlick bait” you brainless fools…they place any Collingwood headline and all you idiots read it…click on it and even better it then earns the website owner more advertising money…I suppose it’s hard for you all to understand when Grade 4 was the best ten years of your lives.

  4. It’s great all these talented GWS players jump ship year in year out, the Giants will always be the development club for others.

    I’m a Doggies supporter but it’s great to see the likes of Carlton, Collingwood, Saints etc picking the eyes out of this plastic manufactured club.

  5. Collingwood should seriously consider James Stewart, not just because he’s the son of a Collingwood legend, but because he’s not getting any opportunities with the Giants right now. Tomlinson wouldn’t be bad to get, Hoskin-Elliott, well, not so sure.

    • Ha ha…that’s a fair call mark…one to you… 🙂 I can’t help devouring anything I can read on my beloved pies

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