Essendon coach Brad Scott is to be lauded for his post-game response to Kyle Langford's game-winning shot that sailed through the points late in Thursday's ANZAC Day draw against Collingwood.

Despite a hot start from the Bombers, the game was a see-sawing affair that ended with multiple opportunities on either end.

Kicking four goals up until this point and a hand on the ANZAC Day medal, Langford marked the ball 30 metres out with 1 minute 50 on the clock.

With a goal putting the Bombers back in front, it would've been likely that Langford would've been the hero, but the moment got to him.

However, his coach backed in his process despite the miss, showing up for his player in an emotional situation.

"It was a great opportunity for me as coach," Scott said post-game.

"He's got an incredibly consistent routine that he just drills, week in, week out.

"That's all we're asking you to do.

"You follow your process, your routine and you try to execute.

"This game is not a game of perfect and you're going to to miss some, but the mistakes that we get really frustrated by are when we go away from our system or what we train.

"If he'd gone away from his process, then there'd be an issue. But he didn't.

"If I'm going to stick true to talking to the players about what we value, that's action and we're not going to hang guys out to dry."

Captain Zach Merrett shared the same sentiment as Scott saying Langford seized the moment but "unfortunately he missed".

"He's probably the guy that if you go through the list of our footy club, you were asked to give the ball to someone to win the game, it'd most likely be him (Langford)," Merrett said.

"I felt very comfortable with the ball in his hands but unfortunately he missed.

"I thought he went through his routine perfectly but he just didn't quite execute.

"We'll wrap our arms around him, he played a great game - no doubt he'll be back and ready to go next week."