Another trade window has come and gone, with almost every club parting and welcoming key list and draft assets for the 2022 season.

Some sides have utilised the exchange period to bolster their list in rapid fashion, while others have looked to package picks ahead of next month's National Draft.

With the window now closed, below is each and every club's gains and losses from the trade and free agency period.

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The Crows got their man in Jordan Dawson without having to part ways with either of their own first-round selections, sending the Demons' future first selection to the Swans in what was a major coup for Adelaide.

Lost Jake Kelly via free agency, however Matthew Nicks won't be overly fazed given his crop of defenders on the rise.

Jordan Dawson
Picks 33, 42 (Jake Kelly compensation), 75,

Jake Kelly (Essendon)
Picks 23, 37, 44