Tim Watson is at a loss as to why retiring Saint Nick Riewoldt wasn’t approached by the Blues in pursuit of a playing-coach role.

Much like Brisbane’s acquisition of Hawthorn legend Luke Hodge, Watson believes the St Kilda icon should have been approached in a similar pursuance.

“Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but when you look at how their season has unfolded and you look at what the Brisbane Lions did at the end of last year,” Watson told SEN Breakfast on Monday morning.

“Did Carlton at any stage ask the question of Nick Riewoldt or Leigh Montagna whether or not they’d consider playing there for 12 months?

“It’s not just what you get on field, it’s the benefits of what you get off field, that in itself is an education for young players.

“Why wouldn’t you ask the question of Nick Riewoldt? I’m sure he had another season in him.

“You can’t tell me that somebody like a Nick Riewoldt wouldn’t have been valuable to them.”

A senior figure alongside the like of Charlie Curnow in the AFL and around youngsters Pat Kerr and Harry McKay on the training track could have done wonders for the Blues, as they lack a veteran presence in the forward line.