Adelaide skipper Taylor Walker will come under scrutiny by the MRO for a dangerous sling tackle on GWS midfielder Josh Kelly.

The star Giant was concussed after the incident and forced to miss the rest of the game, but Brownlow Medallist Adam Cooney believes Walker will avoid suspension.

“I think he’ll get off, Tex Walker,” Cooney told the AFL Nation pregame show.

“They’ll frame this one and forensically slow it down and it’ll be frame by frame and they’ll show where he let’s go of the contact.

“He doesn’t sling, there’s not two motions and he lets go in time. The arms aren’t pinned and I think he’ll be okay.”

SEN chief broadcaster Gerard Whateley disagreed with Cooney, declaring Walker will cop his right whack.

“This is straight up and down. It’s a two-week suspension,” he said.

“That’s careless, high (contact) and high (impact). It’s easy.”

Former Bulldogs and Richmond coach Terry Wallace also believes Walker is in trouble.

“I’m not the expert Gerard is in this area, but I just look at it the way I look at football incidents and I thought he gets two weeks,” Wallace said.

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