Another fight has broken out in the crowd following the Bulldogs’ win over Carlton at Marvel Stadium on Saturday night amid the crackdown on fan behaviour.

A video has emerged on social media showing Victoria Police having to split up two fans after the final siren as one of the people involved connects on a punch through the officer.

An unidentified fan on the level above can then be seen pouring beer on the officer and two offenders.

An eyewitness told The Herald Sun that the fight begun after a Bulldogs fan “mouthed off” after the win, upsetting a nearby Blues supporter.

Police made the following statement on the incident.

“Police responded to number of people pushing each other in the vicinity of aisle 12 at Docklands Stadium about 10.10pm on Saturday night,” A police spokesperson said.

“Police separated a number of people and obtained their details. The incident is still being investigated and police are yet to identify all involved.”

Two Carlton fans were kicked out earlier in the contest as behavioural awareness officers were seen patrolling the stands.

The Channel Seven commentary team were confused by the increased policing.

“I just — the way they’ve been pacing up and down the aisles, I’m not sure it’s necessary,” Luke Darcy said.

I don’t know what is being said. I don’t know what actions are being taken. But they don’t need to be walking up and down corridors eyeing people off.”

Matthew Richardson added: “Fair dinkum, do we need to be walking up and down just — let the people sit there and watch the footy.”

League CEO Gillon McLachlan said during the week that there was no crackdown on fan behaviour.

“There’s been no commentary, crackdown or change in policy about what’s acceptable fan behaviour at games,” McLachlan said.

“It’s the same it’s been for 100 years or 100-plus years. Come, be your outlet — but do it in a way that respects the people around you.

“It’s self-policing. The fans ultimately decide what that looks like, not me or you, it’s the people around you.

“People who have called the police and called because the supporters around them are calling someone down there. That’s how it’s happening.”