MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 24: Tom J. Lynch and Shai Bolton of the Tigers look dejected after losing the round six AFL match between the Richmond Tigers and the Melbourne Demons at Melbourne Cricket Ground on April 24, 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Tom Lynch has been cleared of his rough conduct charge at the AFL Tribunal after Saturday's bump on Alex Keath.

The first term incident was ruled by the MRO as careless conduct, high contact and severe impact, with Lynch referred directly to the tribunal to miss at least three games.

Richmond argued throughout the hearing that Lynch didn't make the decision to bump, instead bracing himself for contact in the marking contest.

"Lynch goes directly towards the flight of the ball," Richmond's counsel Sam Tovey said.

"It's the last instant before contact that he begins that movement of bracing and turning. What possible time did Lynch have to make that decision to bump someone?

"Keath moves some distance laterally. Lynch is fixated on the ball. It's not clear on the footage what Keath's intent was, it doesn't appear it was to be involved in an aerial contest.

"Lynch is faced with an extremely difficult situation – take the inevitable front-on contact from Keath or turn and brace for that impact?

"Tom Lynch hasn't chosen this situation – it's a situation that came to him that was completely unexpected."

The Tribunal dismissed Lynch's case after deliberation, agreeing that Lynch had eyes on the ball and braced for contact.

"He did not bump and he did not engage in rough conduct," Chairman Jeff Gleeson said.

The dismissal isn't set to impact the star forward, with the Tigers having already confirmed on Sunday that Lynch had suffered a fracture in his right foot and is expected to be sidelined for up to two months.