GWS Football Director Jimmy Bartel has addressed the idea that the Giants could trade up for Pick No.1 at the AFL Draft this year.

As part of a mega-deal which sent Jason Horne-Francis to Port Adelaide, GWS traded picks No.3 and 12 to land Pick 1 and subsequently Aaron Cadman in a move that included the Power, West Coast and North Melbourne.

GWS have the potential to hold Picks No.5, 6, and 7 this draft, should they acquire top-end compensation if they lose Harry Himelberg to free agency, which they could use as a bargaining tool with West Coast to gain the No.1 pick.

When asked on Footy Classified whether GWS would try to do the same again this year and look to place themselves atop the draft order, Bartel said there were advantages to trading up as well as keeping their picks.

"Obviously, we've got Harley Reid and then a big group of five or six (other top draftees). They might be more appealing to someone like West Coast, but also to ourselves, the Giants, who have a draft package," Bartel said.

"If there's such a significant drop off in between the (block of draft talent), that's when you start looking at things like that."

Cadman, a key forward standing at 195cm, has played all but one game for the Giants since debuting in Round 5.

"Aaron Cadman really fits what the Giants need," Bartel said.

"Can't deny, we do have a good hand to offer West Coast something."

West Coast currently holds Pick 1, sitting 18th on the AFL Ladder with nine rounds to play.