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The AFL will change free agency rules at the end of the season, according to a report by Fox Sports’ Tom Morris.

The new guidelines allows players who were delisted by clubs and given a second chance the ability to enter free agency quicker and bypass restricted status.

An example of a player who will get more freedom is Bulldogs forward Billy Gowers. The 22-year was cut by Carlton before joining the Bulldogs on a two-year deal running until 2020.

He will now be permitted to pursue free agency in 2020 despite only spending three years at Whitten Oval. Under the old rules, Gowers would have needed to spent at least eight seasons at the club before qualifying for free agency, or depart to a rival team via the draft.

The new rules also apply to players who were delisted and re-drafted by the same club, such as Melbourne’s Neville Jetta or St Kilda’s Lewis Pierce.

The changes were put forward by the AFL Players’ Association (AFLPA) in 2017 and have reportedly been rubber stamped by the league and will be confirmed in the coming days.