The Greatest Of All Time debate is one of the most fierce and touchy discussions one could possibly have when it comes to football.

Throughout the history of Aussie Rules football, there have been some absolutely fantastic players.

However, when it comes to comparing them, it can be extremely difficult to go across eras and decide on the greatest player of all time.

Hence, for the sake of this piece, we will only be looking at players drafted this century.

Since football is such a subjective sport, people's hearts can get in the way of their heads when it comes to ranking different players.

In order to use the most objective measure possible and remove such bias, we have created a ranking system to determine the top 10 players drafted this century.

To be clear, the only bit of opinion in this piece is the point allocation itself, which isn't perfect rather than the actual rankings themselves.

With all that being said, let's take a look at the top 10 players drafted since 2000 according to the ranking system which is outlined below.

Ranking System: 

Games (50=5 points, 100=10, 150=15, 200=20, 250=25, 300=30, 350=35)
Best and Fairest (20)
Coleman Medal (40)
All-Australian (30)
Brownlow Medal (100 for 1st, 50 for 2nd and 25 for 3rd)
Norm Smith (100)


11. Honourable Mentions

Luke Hodge is far and away the most unlucky player to not have made this list.

He has had an awesome career winning two Norm Smith Medals to go with his four Premierships, two Best and Fairest awards and three All-Australian blazers.

However, he has just missed the cut ending up on 364 points due to winning slightly fewer individual awards than the ten ahead of him. Perhaps a result of there being no award given to recognise the best defenders in the competition.

Meanwhile, Joel Selwood, the former Geelong superstar, was also unlucky to miss out, ending on 325 points after a stellar career that lasted up until last year.

Whilst he was a fantastic leader and a terrific team player, his individual talents weren't quite enough to see him win as many accolades as he would need to crack the top ten.