The mid-season draft is seen as a major opportunity for clubs to fill a hole that may have become available due to injury in the previous weeks of the season.

It is also an unbelievable opportunity for players across the country to either realise the dream of playing at the elite level or for players who have been discarded by the system to get another chance at it.

Over 300 players have nominated for the mid-season draft, perΒ News Corp, with 100 of those coming out of the VFL.

Standouts in the VFL include former Western Bulldogs forward Billy Gowers, who has been key in Southport's start to the season.

Former Saint and Magpie Nathan Freeman is missing from the list despite averaging over 40 disposals for Frankston in the VFL.

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Former Adelaide and Collingwood forward Ben Crocker has been excellent for Carlton's reserves playing as a mid-size full-forward and will look to be thrown an AFL lifeline.

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Former No. 1 draft pick Patrick McCartin has nominated but his chances of securing a list spot were dealt a major blow after he was suspended for striking a couple of weeks ago.

Check out the full list of names to nominate for the June 2 Mid-Season AFL Draft below (as of May 22, per The Herald Sun)

Tahj Abberley (Wilston Grange/Brisbane Lions)

Aiden Adams (Manly Wolves)

Paul Ahern (Northern Bullants)

Ajang Ajang (East Perth) – New nominee

Emmanuel Ajang (Werribee/Geelong West Giants) – New nominee

Hamish Allan (Sturt)

Frank Anderson (Swan Districts) – New nominee

Spencer Anderson (Old Melburnians) – New nominee

Daly Andrews (Williamstown) – New nominee

Jordan Andrews (Noble Park)

Flynn Appleby (North Melbourne VFL) – New nominee

William Arthurson (Frankston Dolphins)

Jacob Atley (Therry Penola OB) – New nominee

Joseph Atley (Essendon VFL)

Logan Austin (Rochester) – New nominee

Frane Babic (West Adelaide)

Angus Baker (Essendon)

John Baker (Western Magpies)

Riley Baldi (Casey Demons)

Thomas Baldwin (Claremont) – New nominee

Jackson Barling (West Preston) – New nominee

Oscar Barrow (Geelong Falcons) – New nominee

Jake Bartholomaeus (Sydney Swans VFL)

Nicholas Barton (Dalkeith Collegians)

Jesse Battistella (St Kevin’s Old Boys)

Jacob Bauer (Inner West Magpies/Swans Academy) – New nominee

Hugh Beasley (Box Hill Hawks) – New nominee

Ethan Beer (St Kevin’s Old Boys) – New nominee

Aiden Begg (Eastern Ranges) – New nominee

Joshua Begley (Frankston)

Jaxon Bellchambers (South Fremantle) – New nominee

William Bianco (Woodend-Hesket)

Oscar Bird (Perth) – New nominee

Harvey Bock (West Adelaide) – New nominee

Timothy Bockman (East Fremantle) – New nominee

Ezekiel Bolton (Subiaco)

Andrew Booth (N/A)

Kyle Borg (Melton Bloods) – New nominee

Nathan Boucher (Coburg Lions) – New nominee

Gennaro Bove (Geelong Falcons)

Charlie Bowes (Wilston Grange)

Riley Bowman (Box Hill Hawks)

Jackson Bowne (Bundoora Bulls)

Jordan Boyd (Footscray) – New nominee

Deacon Braun (NT Thunder)

William Bravo (Dandenong Stingrays)

Hamish Brayshaw (West Coast Eagles WAFL)

Dominic Brew (Werribee) – New nominee

Nicholas Brewer (North Shore Bombers) – New nominee

Jack Briskey (Sherwood Magpies)

Curtis Brown (North Melbourne VFL) – New nominee

Connor Bulley (Sherwood Magpies/Brisbane Lions VFL)

Nicholas Burke (Geelong VFL) – New nominee

Isaiah Butters (Claremont)

Wylie Buzza (Werribee)

Charlie Byrne (Murray Bushrangers)

Jack Byrne (St Kevins Old Boys)

Jackson Callow (Norwood)

Clay Cameron (Woodville West Torrens)

Jackson Cardillo (Calder Cannons) – New nominee

Ned Carey (Norwood) – New nominee

Lachlan Carrigan (Sandringham Dragons)

Benjamin Cass (Trentham)

Darcy Cassar (Footscray Bulldogs) – New nominee

Kade Chalcraft (Murray Bushrangers/Shepparton United) – New nominee

Bailey Chamberlain (West Adelaide)

Will Chandler (Glenelg)

Joshua Chatfield (North Ballarat)

Darcy Chirgwin (Weribee) – New nominee

Jesse Clark (Werribee) – New nominee

Noah Clarke (North Shore Bombers)

Regan Clarke (Perth) – New nominee

Joshua Clarke (Eastern Ranges) – New nominee

Josh Clayton (Wodonga Bulldogs/North Melbourne VFL)

Luke Cleary (Beaumaris)

Samuel Clohesy (St Joseph’s Geelong)

Nathan Colenso (Southport) – New nominee

Samuel Collins (Oakleigh Chargers)

Samuel Conforti (Sandhurst)

Liam Conway (Western Jets) – New nominee

William Coomblas (Sturt)

Nathan Cooper (Werribee) – New nominee

Billy Cootee (Western Jets)

Cooper Craig-Peters (Redan)

Joel Crocker (Frankston)

Ben Crocker (Carlton)

Jared Crosbie (North Heidelberg)

Ashton Crossley (Burleigh Bombers)

Brayden Crossley (Southport Sharks)

Saxon Crozier (Morningside) – New nominee

Lachlan Cullen (Peel Thunder)

Jordan Cunico (Box Hill Hawks)

Joshua D’Intinosante (Coburg) – New nominee

Sam Darley (Leeton Crows) – New nominee

Sam Davidson (West Adelaide) – New nominee

Oliver Davis (Adelaide Crows SANFL) – New nominee

Anthony Davis (Claremont) – New nominee

Jacob Dawson (Southport)

Liam Dawson (Aspley Hornets) – New nominee

Matthew Day (Essendon)

Benjamin De Bolfo (Northern Knights)

Charlie Dean (Williamstown)

Kye Dean (Morphettville Park)

Kye Declase (Werribee)

Liam Delahunty (Port Melbourne)

Reece Desira (Avondale Heights)

Hamish Dick (North Melbourne)

Sean Donnelly (N/A)

Chance Doultree (Old Melburnians)

Patrick Dowling (Glenelg)

Max Dreher (West Preston)

Jack Driscoll (Albury Tigers) – New nominee

Zachary Dumesny (South Adelaide)

Elliot Dunkin (West Adelaide)

Kyle Dunkley (Essendon VFL)

Luke Dunne (Benalla Saints)

Sam Durdin (Glenelg) – New nominee

Sam Durham (Richmond VFL) – New nominee

Mitchell Duval (West Adelaide) – New nominee

Blake Dyson (Yallourn/Yallourn North)

Matt Eagles (Aspley Hornets)

Nick Ebinger (Williamstown) – New nominee

Ben Edwards (Claremont)

Jackson Edwards (Glenelg) – New nominee

Fraser Elliot (University Blues) – New nominee

Finn Ellis Castle (Mildura)

Corey Ellison (Casey Demons) – New nominee

Luke English (East Fremantle) – New nominee

Caleb Ernst (Strathfieldsaye)

Jack Evans (Bendigo Pioneers)

Billy Evers (Labrador)

Daniel Fahey-Sparks (Sturt)

Kobe Farmer (Swan Districts)

Ronald Fejo (West Adelaide) – New nominee

Shane Fensom (Canning Vale)

Karl Finlay (North Adelaide)

Sam Fisher (Swan Districts)

Liam Fitt (South Adelaide) – New nominee

Brayden Fleming (Oakleigh Chargers/Collegians) – New nominee

Jackson Flint (Lilydale)

Felix Flockhart (Sandringham Dragons) – New nominee

Zac Foot (Casey Demons)

Jordan Foote (UNSW Bulldogs)

Will Fordham (Frankston)

Jye Formosa (Strathfieldsaye)

Matthew Forrest (North Mackay Saints)

Sam Fowler (Collingwood VFL) – New nominee

Samuel Frost (Queanbeyan Tigers)

Kale Gabila (North Shore Bombers)

Samuel Gaden (South Adelaide)

Kyle Galloway (Coburg)

Jordan Gallucci (Williamstown) – New nominee

Jarrod Garlett (Railways) – New nominee

Hudson Garoni (Werribee)

Clayton Gay (Dandenong Stingrays)

Kobi George (Doveton)

Roy George (Peel Thunder)

Hamish Gilmore (Wagga Tigers)

Ryan Gilmore (Southport) – New nominee

Jesse Glass-McCasker (Footscray Bulldogs)

Samuel Glover (Collingwood VFL)

Lachlan Godden (Oakleigh Chargers)

Luca Goonan (Casey Demons) – New nominee

Joshua Gore (West Adelaide)

Daniel Gorringe (Powelltown)

Kieran Gowdie (Claremont) – New nominee

Billy Gowers (Southport) – New nominee

Harry Grant (Central District) – New nominee

Lachlan Green (Western Jets)

Fergus Greene (Box Hill Hawks) – New nominee

Brady Grey (Perth)

Noah Gribble (Geelong Falcons)

Harrison Grintell (Narrandera Eagles/GWS Giants Academy)

Lachlan Grubb (Central District) – New nominee

Zachary Guadagnin (West Perth)

Daniel Guccione (Carlton)

Aaron Gundry (Carlton VFL)

Harrison Gunther (Glenorchy/North Melbourne VFL) – New nominee

Josh Guthrie (Coburg) – New nominee

Keanu Haddow (East Fremantle) – New nominee

Aiden Hall (South Fremantle)

Charlie Ham (Geelong Falcons)

Matthew Hammelmann (Aspley Hornets)

Angus Hanrahan (Port Melbourne) – New nominee

Matt Hanson (Werribee)

Haki Harcourt (South Fremantle) – New nominee

Chad Harris (Subiaco)

Billy Hartung (North Adelaide) – New nominee

Mason Hawkins (Gippsland Power)

Jack Hayes (Woodville West Torrens)

Max Heath (Sandringham Dragons/Xavier College) – New nominee

Ryan Hebron (Sydney Swans VFL)

Liam Herbert (Geelong VFL/Leopold Lions) – New nominee

Jacob Heron (North Melbourne VFL) – New nominee

Mitch Hibberd (Williamstown)

Jack Hickman (Bendigo Pioneers)

Archie Hildebrandt (Geelong Falcons)

Dyson Hilder (North Adelaide)

Jackson Hille (Sandringham Zebras)

Jack Hindle (East Perth)

Darby Hipwell (Sandringham Dragons)

Cody Hirst (Carlton VFL)

Kyle Hockley (Wollongong Bulldogs)

Cooper Hodgson (Frankston Bombers)

Nicholas Hodgson (GWV Rebels)

Thomas Hofert (Labrador)

Riley Holder (Glenelg)

Aiden Holland (Sturt)

Harvey Hooper (Port Melbourne)

Joshua Hotchkin (Port Melbourne)

Callan Hough (Castlemaine)

Nathan Howard (Coburg)

Ryan Hudson (West Perth) – New nominee

Solomon James (South Fremantle)

Lochlan Jenkins (Caulfield Grammarians) – New nominee

Benjamin Jepson (Coburg Lions)

Ashley Johnson (Sturt)

Kellen Johnson (West Perth)

Riley Johnson (Labrador Tigers) – New nominee

Jack Johnston (Palm Beach Currumbin Lions)

Harrison Jones (North Melbourne VFL)

Jesse Joyce (Southport Sharks)

Ben Jungfer (Woodville West Torrens) – New nominee

Hudson Kaak (Seymour) – New nominee

Kenneth Karpany (West Adelaide)

Nathan Kay (Rochester) – New nominee

Harrison Keeling (Mooroolbark)

Tyler Keitel (West Perth)

Flynn Kellett (Ballarat Swans)

Hugi Kelly (West Adelaide)

Joshua Kemp (Essendon)

Jacob Kennerley (Norwood)

Patrick Kerr (Port Melbourne) – New nominee

Bodie Kitchingman (Peel Thunder)

Jackson Knight (Peel Thunder)

Michael Knoll (Norwood)

Dirk Koenen (Port Melbourne)

Liam Kolar (Northern Knights) – New nominee

Joey Koo Kwet Kim (Dandenong Stingrays) – New nominee

Bruno Laguda (Essendon)

Brodie Lake (Peel Thunder) – New nominee

Dylan Landt (Glenelg)

Kalin Lane (Claremont) – New nominee

Nelson Lane (Coburg)

Darcy Lang (Geelong)

Doulton Langlands (Perth) – New nominee

Hamish Latchford (Adelaide Crows SANFL) – New nominee

Aaron Law (Glen Orden)

Douglas Lawrence (Northern Bullants)

Jayden Leather (Olinda)

Kym Lebois (North Adelaide)

Cody Leggett (East Fremantle)

Marcus Lentini (Coburg Lions)

Jack Leslie (Williamstown) – New nominee

Oscar Lewis (Sandringham Zebras)

Thomas Lewis (Sturt)

Jamie Lewis-Hanafin (St Kilda City)

Mani Liddy (Sturt) – New nominee

James Little (Mazenod Old Collegians)

Matthew Lloyd (West Perth) – New nominee

Nigel Lockyer (North Adelaide)

Goy Lok (Sandringham Zebras)

Kieran Lovell (West Adelaide)

Nicholas Lowden (Casey Demons)

Sam Lowson (Coburg)

William Luhrs (Glenroy)

Jamal Lynch (Pioneer)

Corey Lyons (Aspley Hornets)

Liam Mackie (Northern Bullants) – New nominee

Harrison Macreadie (Williamstown)

Flynn Maguire (Vermont)

Mitchell Maguire (West Adelaide)

Zavier Maher (Carlton VFL) – New nominee

Jack Maibaum (Coburg)

Joe Maishman (Werribee) – New nominee

Cayden Maki (Box Hill Hawks)

Michael Mallard (West Perth)

Bior Malual (Werribee)

Ethan James Mantas (Caroline Springs)

Michael Manteit (Southport) – New nominee

Archi Manton (Werribee) – New nominee

Oskar Manton (Northern Bullants) – New nominee

Simon Marchese (Keysborough)

Mitchell Martin (Horsham Saints) – New nominee

Nicholas Martin (Subiaco Lions) – New nominee

Riley Mason (Calder Cannons) – New nominee

Brandon Matera (Subiaco)

Lachlan McAndrew (Manly Warringah Wolves)

Mitch McCarthy (Port Melbourne)

Patrick McCartin (Sydney Swans)

Jed McEntee (Sturt)

Jake McGowan (Hampton Park)

Reuben McGuire (East Fremantle)

Jack McHale (Sandringham Zebras) – New nominee

Charlie McKay (Old Melburnians) – New nominee

Tom McKenzie (Coburg)

Jackson McLachlan (Geelong VFL) – New nominee

Sam McLarty (Essendon VFL) – New nominee

Brodie McLaughlin (Frankston)

Cameron McLeod (Murray Bushrangers)

Mitch Mellis (Williamstown) – New nominee

Jack Mentha (Frankston)

Jye Menzie (North Hobart)

Ben Middleton (Peel Thunder)

Teia Miles (Williamstown)

Bryce Milford (Dandenong Stingrays)

Tyson Milne (Sandringham)

Harry Minton-Connell (Port Melbourne) – New nominee

Ethan Mooney (Mt Gravatt Vultures)

Nathanael Mooney (Marrar Bombers)

Blake Morris (Subiaco)

Joshua Mounter (Beaconsfield) – New nominee

Declan Mountford (Claremont)

Jacob Msando (East Perth)

Nathan Mullenger-McHugh (Coburg)

Hamish Murphy (North Melbourne)

Tom Murphy (West Adelaide) – New nominee

Tyler Murphy (Bannockburn)

Kobe Mutch (Woodville West Torrens) – New nominee

Trent Mynott (Box Hill Hawks)

Geordie Nagle (De La Salle)

Jai Neal (Dandenong Stingrays)

Henry Nelligan (Norwood)

Luke Nelson (Coburg)

Jai Newcombe (Box Hill Hawks)

Jordyn Niezgodka (Beaconsfield)

Harry Nolan (Coburg) – New nominee

Tom North (Carlton VFL) – New nominee

Connor Nutting (Southport) – New nominee

Nicholas O’Kearney (Keilor)

Liam O’Brien (Palm Beach Currumbin)

Mitchell O’Neill (South Adelaide)

Ayden Osborne (Bannockburn)

Joel Ottavi (Williamstown)

Ben Overman (Coburg) – New nominee

Samuel Paea (Calder Cannons)

Sandon Page (Subiaco) – New nominee

Thomas Panuccio (Murray Bushrangers/Euroa) – New nominee

Lachlan Papley (St Bernards)

Will Papley (Gippsland Power)

Matthew Parker (South Fremantle)

Patrick Parnell (Albury Tigers)

James Parsons (Carlton VFL)

Luke Partington (Glenelg)

Jake Patmore (Claremont)

Chad Pearson (South Fremantle)

James Peatling (Pennant Hills) – New nominee

Noah Pegoraro (West Perth) – New nominee

Corey Pertzel (Romsey) – New nominee

Max Pescud (Gold Coast Suns)

Zachary Phillips (Woodville West Torrens)

Ryan Pickering (Broadbeach/Gold Coast Suns Academy) – New nominee

Spencer Platt Devlin (West Coburg)

Liam Podhajski (Northern Bullants)

Mitchell Podhajski (Coburg Lions)

Cameron Polson (Williamstown)

Corey Preston (Eastern Ranges)

Sebastian Quirk (Belconnen Magpies)

Cody Raak (Western Jets)

Michael Randall (Peel Thunder)

William Reidy (Swan Districts)

Bruce Reville (Brisbane Lions)

Harry Reynolds (Old Brighton) – New nominee

Luke Reynolds (Glenelg) – New nominee

Terrel Rigney (North Adelaide) – New nominee

Lachlan Riley (Sandringham Dragons)

Fletcher Roberts (Port Melbourne)

Nick Robertson (East Perth)

Seth Robinson (Calder Cannons) – New nominee

Lucas Rocci (Werribee Tigers)

Bailey Rogers (Claremont) – New nominee

Pierec Roseby (North Shore Bombers)

Jackson Ross (Sandringham Zebras) – New nominee

James Ross (Vermont Eagles)

Jamieson Rossiter (Box Hill Hawks) – New nominee

Brady Rowles (Essendon VFL) – New nominee

Harrison Rowles (Broadbeach Cats)

Corey Rundle (West Perth)

Joseph Salmon (Lauderdale)

Bill Sam (St Albans)

Hayden Sampson (South Adelaide)

Oliver Sanders (Tasmanian Devils)

Jack Sarcevic (Bell Park) – New nominee

Blake Schlensog (South Fremantle)

Haiden Schloithe (South Fremantle)

Kaden Schreiber (Collingwood VFL) – New nominee

Rhys Seakins (Northern Knights)

Anthony Seaton (St Kevin’s Old Boys)

Matthew Shannon (Carlton VFL) – New nominee

Cooper Sharman (Woodville West Torrens) – New nominee

Ben Silvagni (Northern Bullants)

Tom Simpson (Springbank)

William Skinner (Beaumaris)

Cooper Smith (Sandhurst)

Hedley Smith (Sandringham)

Lachlan Smith (Geelong)

Luke Smith (Geelong)

Riley Smith (North Ringwood) – New nominee

Rylee Smith (Nullawil)

James Smith (Labrador Tigers)

Taine Sookee (Lauderdale)

Jacob South (Subiaco)

Ryan Sparkes (Casey Demons) – New nominee

Harley Sparks (East Perth)

Max Spencer (Werribee Tigers)

Thomas Spencer (Beaumaris)

Lachlan Squire (West Adelaide) – New nominee

Cody Stackelberg (Collingwood)

Lachlan Stapleton (Williamstown)

Cooper Stephens (Carlton)

Jacob Stewart (Woodend/Hesket)

Nathan Stewart (Euroa) – New nominee

Ryley Stoddart (Carlton)

Luke Strnadica (East Fremantle)

Zachary Strom (South Fremantle) – New nominee

Harry Stubbings (Werribee)

Ryan Sturgess (Coburg) – New nominee

Jasper Sully (Berwick)

Nicholas Swain (Park Ridge Pirates)

Lachlan Swaney (Carlton VFL)

Frank Szekely (North Adelaide)

Jake Tarca (South Adelaide)

Will Tasker (Brisbane Lions VFL)

Eli Templeton (Port Melbourne) – New nominee

Giacomo Thomas (Calder Cannons)

Samuel Thorne (Sydney Swans)

Tyrone Thorne (Peel Thunder)

Fraser Thurlow (Southport Sharks)

Jack Toner (Williamstown)

Kobe Tozer (Aspley Hornets)

Jarrod Trahar (Caloundra)

Anthony Treacy (Claremont) – New nominee

Thomas Trevaskis (Manly Wolves)

Toby Triffett (Morningside) – New nominee

Joel Trudgeon (Macleod) – New nominee

James Tsitas (Woodville West Torrens Eagles)

Samuel Tucker (Oakleigh Chargers)

Daniel Turner (Albury Tigers)

Jesse Turner (Swan Districts)

Fraser Turner (South Adelaide)

Jamison Ugle (Swan Districts)

Ryan Valentine (Old Scotch/Oakleigh Chargers) – New nominee

Reed van Huisstede (Sydney Swans VFL/North Shore) – New nominee

Giorgio Varagiannis (Caulfield Grammar/Oakleigh Chargers)

Jean-Luc Velissaris (Northern Bullants)

Riley Vidovich (Peel Thunder) – New nominee

Christopher Walker (East Fremantle) – New nominee

Lachlan Walker (Box Hill Hawks) – New nominee

Mathew Walker (North Melbourne)

Ned Walter (Sturt)

Ethan Warburton (Murray Bushrangers) – New nominee

Isaac Wareham (Bell Park)

Tylar Watts (Werribee)

Lukas Webb (Southport) – New nominee

Nikolas Weber (Chiltern Swans)

Callan Wellings (Collingwood)

Bayleigh Welsh (Dandenong Stingrays)

Connor West (West Perth) – New nominee

Liam Whelan (Coburg FC) – New nominee

Mitchell White (Casey Demons)

Harrison Wigg (North Adelaide)

Eamon Wilkinson (South Adelaide) – New nominee

Reuben William (Footscray Bulldogs)

Zane Williams (Woodville West Torrens)

Ashton Williamson (Narre Warren) – New nominee

Jack Willis (Surfers Paradise) – New nominee

Mackenzie Willis (Southport Sharks)

Sam Witherden (Geelong Falcons) – New nominee

Toby Wooller (Carlton VFL)

Michael Wright (Northampton) – New nominee

Taine Wright (Sydney Swans Academy)