Footy Show co-host Sam Newman last night launched an attack on those calling him a ‘dinosaur,’ referring in particular to an article which appeared in the Herald Sun last week.

Herald Sun writer Susie O’Brien last week published an opinion article labeling Newman a “dinosaur,’ who’s comments regarding Adam Goodes and multicultural round were “out of step with the way people think these days”.

O’Brien ended by saying that it was “Time to retire from public life and join the other pensioners in the old folks home, Sam.”

The at times controversial Newman hit back at the comments, but stopped short of naming O’Brien.

Newman entered the set of the Footy Show last night in a dinosaur costume, to mock the comments made by O’Brien.

“A dinosaur is a supreme and superior beast who has no predatory equal or rival, that’s what I am,” he said.

The former Geelong champion also said that people who call him a dinosaur “haven’t got the guts to say what they think in case someone gets them into their office and says ‘ooh you shouldn’t say that’.”

While many people agreed with Newman’s comments regarding multicultural round, O’Brien’s article generated a huge amount of discussion and clearly caught the eye of the Footy Show host.

“They’re like pigs they are. With pigs eyes that never look up, you know how pigs never look up. A pig’s snout that only knows only muck, a pig’s brain that only knows the sty and a pig’s squeal that only knows when it’s hurt.” Newman said.

“Mate, they sit and carp because they’ve got nothing better to do. Because they vomit and revel in their own manure.”