Hawthorn has announced their jumper numbers for the 2024 season, with a rising star set to continue a rich legacy in brown and gold.

Endurance beast Josh Weddle earned a vote of confidence, trading in his No.37 guernsey for the right to wear the storied 23 guernsey from 2024 onwards.

While numerous numbers hold plenty of weight at Hawthorn, the No.23 has been worn by multiple generations of superstars, including John Peck, Don Scott, Dermott Brereton and Lance 'Buddy' Franklin.

Recent acquisitions Massimo D'Ambrosio (No.16), Mabior Chol (18) and Jack Ginnivan (33) also earned their stripes, while returning Hawk Jack Gunston will re-take his place in front of locker 19 after a season spent in the Sunshine State.

Draftees Bodie Ryan (26), Will McCabe (27), Nick Watson (34) and Calsher Dear (35). also found their starting points under head coach Sam Mitchell.

Hawthorn 2024 Jumper Numbers

  1. Harry MORRISON
  2. Mitch LEWIS
  4. Jarman IMPEY
  5. James WORPEL
  6. James SICILY
  7. Ned REEVES
  8. Sam FROST
  9. Changkuoth JIATH
  10. Karl AMON
  11. Conor NASH
  12. Will DAY
  13. Dylan MOORE
  14. Jack SCRIMSHAW
  15. Blake HARDWICK
  16. Massimo D'AMBROSIO
  17. Lloyd MEEK
  18. Mabior CHOL
  19. Jack GUNSTON
  20. Chad WINGARD
  21. Cooper STEPHENS
  22. Luke BREUST
  23. Josh WEDDLE
  25. Josh WARD
  26. Bodie RYAN
  27. Will MCCABE
  29. Jai SERONG
  30. Sam BUTLER
  31. Connor MACDONALD
  32. Finn MAGINNESS
  33. Jack GINNIVAN
  34. Nick WATSON
  35. Calsher DEAR
  36. James BLANCK
  37. Max RAMSDEN
  38. Seamus MITCHELL
  39. Josh BENNETTS
  40. Bailey MACDONALD
  41. Jack O'SULLIVAN
  42. Henry HUSTWAITE
  43. Clay TUCKER