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North Melbourne are reportedly open to receiving offers for pick two in this year's National Draft.

This year's draft will be slightly compromised, with the talent pool, especially those from Victoria, unable to fully train due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Head of Player Personnel for the club, Scott Clayton, told SEN Breakfast that the possibility of trading their pick before the December 9 deadline could be on the table.

“We’ve got a very open mind in regards to what’s best for us and we’re looking at this draft and next year. Our major platform for the next two years is that.

“We are looking at all options and we have been from day one. We did attempt to look at that during this period and tried to get the Western Bulldogs’ first rounder and many things we planned and had a go at, some worked, some don’t.

“We have got an open mind and we’ll discount nothing.”

With the Supplemental Selection Period going ahead, as well as a mid-season draft, Clayton said he would like to trade so that the club would be in good standing to make a tilt at those two periods.

“That’s why there’s talk, there will be the Supplemental Selection Period in the pre-season, and there is talk of a mid-season draft, which we’re very supportive of,” he said.

“It could be the best mid-season draft of all-time given there’s half a state we haven’t seen and you wonder where they get to.”

The club holds picks 2, 11, 30, 39, 71 and 81 in this year's draft, and will be looking to add quality considering they let 11 players go in the trade period.

AFL clubs are able to trade picks up until the AFL Draft despite the trade period ending last Thursday.