SEN’s Andy Maher says Sydney would not have drafted Tyrone Leonardis if they knew that had liked Facebook pages vilifying club champion Adam Goodes.

Leonardis was drafted by the Swans in last night’s draft with pick No. 51.

It was later revealed that he has like two Facebook pages criticising Adam Goodes, called “Adam Goodes for flog of the year” and “Adam Goodes for wanker of the year”.^tfw
“I don’t think Sydney would have drafted Tyrone Leonardis if they knew about this.“ said Maher.

“He’s pick 51. He’s a deep pick. I’m tipping they’re not picking him up if they knew about this stuff before the Draft.”

“Some of the views (on the facebook pages) were vile.”

Sydney football boss Tom Harley said the club was made aware of the Facebook pages immediately after he had been drafted.

“We have spoken to Ty and he is really disappointed.”

It is fair to say Leonardis will now be far more careful when using social media.


  1. Yes he should confess to all his wrong doings and go around apologizing for all of it…or he’s a piece of shit and should be banished from this world

    And whoever doesnt like goods is a racist
    And all muslims are terrorists

  2. Having his own opinion is nothing to do with what sort of a footballer he is the media makes more of a bigger deal than it really is who cares if he don’t like goodes I’m sure there’s other teams players that don’t like each other #goodesisaflog

  3. Nope cause Goodes is a flog and a wanker

    It puts the draftee in an awkward spot but how was he to know he’d end up at the swans????

    Freedom of speech/opinion/expression is still allowed in the country even if the idiots that run the Afl think otherwise

  4. Andy Maher is another flog journalist, I can’t believe such a big deal has been made of this. If he didn’t get drafted this wouldn’t be news and not should it be, same with boekhurst last year. It’s as if when a kid gets drafted their social media profiles get raided to see if there’s any dirt that can be dished on them and this is trivial, its an absolute disgrace!

  5. Andy Maher grow up you square head.. Who are you to pass judgment on the kid, you goose. Fancy a 17 year old likening pages on FB and not thinking that the Swans could draft him? I mean really? Pathetic

  6. He’s a person. He has his own life. If he thinks Goodes is a flog and an oxygen thief, he should be allowed to say so. He can’t just switch his life to bleed red and white overnight.

  7. Freedom of speech differs to spreading and rejoicing in hate, especially if literally-challenged and the “opinion” misconstrues the truth about a champ cause an ex great of the club you support, or washed up cricketer tweets minions to bag the player. Classy Vics and well done on rallying hate to other clubs 2015. How those FaceBook pages continue to exist is a wake up to parents, principals, employers and the AFL to review comments, and consider is that the current / former student we want at our institution, is he/she the right employee for our workplace and clubs could rescind memberships based on the appalling posts others see as, sadly, humorous. No left wing PC garbage criticism please, if you tolerate and condone the player abuse you are as young, ignorant and foolish as Tyrone. However, the ignorance and stupidity of youth is no defense, grow up! Let’s start a muck campaign on the most decorated, respected of your club champions (who btw did naught to deserve the treatment) and call to arms for all to sprout lies. Make it up as you go along just as social media does. Do yourselves a favour, research the full context post May 2013, what clubs and rounds it started to gain traction, who bagged the player (all ex Hawks greats plus Lloyd, Warne) linked to racial slurs at Pies, Bombers, Dogs rounds. The stager/diver fable proudly owned by Hawks is linked to Leigh’s protected species rant and Dermott’s criticism of the MRP. Cats fans swayed by Newman’s pitifully ignorant and deliberately misleading lies, Pies fans not wiling to move past round 9 2013 nor acknowledge the racial vilification by their own president – a president in another country who would have had his license revoked. Check the stats for the two out of 17 years the player was bagged – stats don’t lie, media do and sadly it stems from Vic, FoxFooty, Ed and Co, Kennett, Panahi, and so it goes, all Vics. Shame on you for damaging the game you purport to embrace.

  8. R u for real??? What he likes n does in his own time is his business I know when becoming an AFL player u r in the spot light but again this sldnt stop Sydney nor anyone to noticing the kids has talent….

  9. Thats correct it started with the media, Goodes hasn’t done anything different to any other player in the league, the media has a responsibility to be fair and unbiased, yet they kept promoting the views of a couple of below average commentators who knew what they were saying and fed of the response of social media and willingly led the charge, for their 5 minutes of fame, it just goes to show what the tv stations will allow to get people to view its programming and the character of the commentators and the gutless cowards who come out of the cracks in society when opportunity arise

    • I was dead set against him this morning when I read the story but I’ll let the man who made no poor decisions at the age of 17 judge this kid. I’m not that man

  10. The message is harden the f*** up Vic footy fans particularly born after the late eighties – whatever societal pill you swallowed is bitter, twisted and scaringly perverse in how distorted the truth is, how little research or enquiring occurs in your minds or social media networks. It’s an unwritten rule to bag a generation but you are seriously screwed up and exist for only hatred and lies – stay in Vic if that is where you multiply, and what a disappointment you must be to your parents, teachers, employers and footy clubs – wake up and smell the truth about dragging a champion through the muck of ignorance and disrespect – think for yourself reject Derm, Dunny, Ed & co – life us better on the other side!

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