Hawthorn premiership player Bradley Hill has reportedly officially requested a trade to Fremantle.

It emerged earlier this season that Hill had met with Fremantle coach Ross Lyon regarding a move to join his older brother Stephen at the Dockers.

Damian Barrett reported on Channel Nine’s Footy Classified last night that Hill officially informed coach Alastair Clarkson on Monday that he wants to be traded to Fremantle.

Hill has won three premierships with the Hawks and has kicked 58 goals in 95 games.


  1. Three way trade which should make everyone happy. Hill to West Coast, Mckenzie to Gold Coast (need a defender bad), O’meara to Hawthorn. Hawthorn probably should also throw in a draft pick to Gold Coast. Not sure what picks they have.

  2. Provides great run and is a proven outside player. Fills a roll all clubs need but I wouldn’t be giving up a first round draft pick for him, not a champion just part of a champion team at hawthorn.

    • yeah but the straight sets hawks are done now…why not leave when the club is clearly on the slide to the bottom for the foreseeable future…he will always have his memories just like hawks supporters will because you wont have anything to look forward to next ten years Id say..too old too slow and omeara has massive injury cloud.

  3. and so the end of the era continues…Hawks supporters hopes now resting on ageing old timers and a kid from the gold coast who is hardly ever out on the park….straight sets exit was the silver, Bont pick pocketing old man Hodge was pure GOLD…and now the list will dismantle as the decade in the wilderness begins…bye bye hawks see you maybe in 2030?

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