Outgoing Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett has revealed that the club has reached out to the families of First Nations players at the centre of the club's explosive racism scandal.

Last month newly appointed Roos coach Alastair Clarkson and his then-assistant Chris Fagan were both stood down by their respective clubs for their roles in the alleged events which included racism and bullying of First Nations players at Hawthorn between 2008 and 2016.

Both Fagan and Clarkson have been scheduled to return over the next week as the AFL investigation continues into the events surrounding the club.

Sending out a letter to members, Kennett detailed how the club is helping out the affected players and families throughout the process.

“We were deeply saddened by the findings of the survey among our First Nations players, past and present. While that (club) survey reinforced that the club is a culturally safe workplace for our current players, it did highlight some serious issues with some past players and their families,” Kennett said.

“Their stories, anonymously told, were provided to the AFL integrity unit as we were required to do and as was recommended in the survey report. The AFL is now conducting its investigations. That said, we have already been working with the families concerned to better understand their concerns and assist them where possible and reasonable. We, like you, await the results of the AFL's investigation.

“As we work hard to provide a safe and enjoyable workplace for all our employees, no workplace should ever be afraid, as we have at Hawthorn, to survey employees, to get their honest reaction to their experiences. If and where fault is found, it can then be addressed. Without that knowledge, more faults may continue.

“Asking the questions of our past players was the right thing to do. The survey results were made public before we could address the allegations through a proper process.”

The investigation, headed by Bernard Quinn KC and accompanied by three other barristers, was launched at the beginning of this month and was reportedly questioned by the involved players regarding its true independence as the investigation was coined by the AFL.

The league has said that the investigation should be completed and findings released in December this year all things going smoothly.