The time at the Giants for veterans Brett Deledio and Shane Mumford is coming to an end, but it won't be decided until the end of the season whether they go on or not, according to

32-year-old Deledio has played 26 games in his three seasons at the Giants after coming across from the Tigers.

He has been hindered by constant calf, Achilles and hamstring injuries which has meant he has rarely been fit.

The two-time All Australian has played the past six games, something he's done only once in the orange and charcoal and has averaged 19 touches across the half-forward line.

Deledio believes that he is still a valuable part of the GWS line-up who looks to venture into a grand final - a feat they haven't achieved before.

"I've been giving it serious thought since the beginning of the year. I've always wanted to play for as long as I can, because you're a long-time not playing, as my old man has always told me," Deledio said.

"I'm not ready to give it up just yet, as hard as it is, I still love every day that I get to come out here and do what I do.

"My body has been my biggest issue and if that holds up, I think I'm more than capable mentally to get the job done.

"If I get the opportunity and Leon (Cameron) and (GWS footy manager) Wayne (Campbell) think I can go around again, then I'm more than happy too."

Deledio was forced to endure the Richmond triumph in 2017, something he sorely missed, given he was in his first year at the Giants.

The past few years have seen the Giants fall devastatingly short of ultimate success, but is a major driving factor as they continue to creep up the AFL ladder.

"It's the reason you keep getting up and striving (for success) and gets you through those darker moments, it's the final goal that you're looking to achieve," he said.

"I haven't lost sight of that and I've got some great mates that have won one, that tell me how good it is, so I'm hoping to do the exact same thing they have."

Shane Mumford, who has gone through the ordeal of retiring before, will be close to going through it again, hopefully in a more glorified way.

The 33-year-old was forced to retire at the end of 2017 due to injury, but has exceeded expectations this season, playing 11 of 14 games.

Mumford's history with leg injuries has meant that he will be rested at some stage this season, as in the past he hasn't trained fully because of it.

"I'm still very up and down, one week I pull up well and other weeks I struggle to walk for most of the week and come good in time for the weekend," he said.

"I've been feeling pretty good considering (the year off), and when I retired I wouldn't have thought there was any chance I could play as many games as I have.

"It's all about finding that balancing act about what I do (to recover) throughout the week.

"The plan is for me to have a rest at some stage but when that is I'm not too sure."

Both players come out of contract at seasons end.