Image: Twitter/ABC Grandstand

Eagles CEO Trevor Nisbett has revealed that West Coast star Andrew Gaff and Dockers rookie Andrew Brayshaw were playing golf just five days before the Eagle smacked the youngster.

Gaff is set to face a lengthy suspension and may have played his last game of the season after hitting Brayshaw behind the play during their side’s clash at Optus Stadium.

Brayshaw was admitted to hospital after the incident with a broken jaw and caved in teeth, requiring surgery and disallowed from eating solid food for a month.

But Nisbett has revealed the pair share a friendship outside footy.

“I think five days ago the brothers and Andrew Gaff were on the golf course together,” Nisbett told reporters earlier today at a press conference.

“It’s an extraordinary situation we all find ourselves in at the moment. We’re very grateful that Andrew Brayshaw’s in reasonable shape considering what happened and his parents are accepting of Gaff’s apology.”

It’s also interesting that Andrew’s brother, Hamish Brayshaw, plays for the Eagles and is Gaff’s teammate.

“Kids come through the system all the time, it wouldn’t surprise you with Hamish at our club that there is a reasonable relationship there,” he said.