MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 07: Nick Stevens of the Blues sits waiting for the AFL team photo to be taken during a Carlton Blues AFL training session at MC Labour Park February 7, 2008 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Mark Dadswell/Getty Images)

Former Port Adelaide and Carlton midfielder Nick Stevens has been accused of lying in a Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, while the court also heard of a disturbing incident involving Stevens.

The court heard Stevens filmed himself performing a “lewd act” over a picture of a female, before sending that vision to the woman in question.

Stevens allegedly lied to a court back in 2014 when he was prosecuted for domestic violence, telling the courts he did not know a woman by the name of Samantha Nash, who was a former model.

In court on Wednesday, Nash told the Magistrates’ she did meet Stevens once, back in 2012.

“As I said, my memory of the meeting is quite cloudy,” Nash told the court.

“I’m not sure of the event.”

The pair soon began messaging each other, sending over 600 messaged back and forth, with many of them of “sexual nature” according to Magistrate Ross Maxted.

They also included graphic material, with detective Aaron Roche confirming Stevens’ sex act on camera.

“I believe (one) video shows the accused (performing a sex act) over a picture of Samantha Nash which he then sends to Ms Nash,” Roche said.

Stevens’ lawyer believes there isn’t enough evidence to prove Stevens knew Nash, and has asked the court to dismiss the hearing.

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A decision will be made at the end of the week on whether the perjury case continues.