Image: Justin McManus (Australian Associated Press)

Former Fremantle coach Gerard Neesham has named Jeremy McGovern’s heroic mark late in the 2018 Grand Final that set up Dom Sheed’s match-winning goal as “nearly the greatest piece of play I’ve seen in AFL football.”

McGovern started it all with a towering intercept mark in defence, playing on quickly and hitting up Nathan Vardy just short of the wing.

Vardy turned and kicked to a flying Liam Ryan who took a spectacular mark before bouncing up and finding Sheed deep in the forward pocket.

Sheed kicked truly and the rest as they say is history.

Neesham believes McGovern’s mark and kick is the crucial play that should go down in folklore.

“I think nearly the greatest piece of play I’ve seen in AFL football was Jeremy McGovern,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“When he took that mark in the dying minutes of the Grand Final, he had already worked out that he had to play on even if he marked it and he’d already worked out who he was kicking it to because the guy had limited space.

“And he nailed the next kick which allowed the passage of play to get to the other end.

“If he went up and spoiled it, it’s every chance his opponent is going to get the ball over the back.

“Taking possession in the back and moving the ball quickly away from the crowd.”