Former St Kilda player Eli Templeton is reportedly suing a local football club he played for following an incident that left him with a concussion in 2022.

The incident in question occurred in August of that year between Balwyn and Doncaster East, with Templeton going over the Balwyn Park boundary and landing head-first on concrete.

The 28-year-old was unconscious for approximately two minutes before the game was eventually abandoned.

Templeton has since quit football following the worrying incident, with his VFL club Port Melbourne confirming the midfielder's decision early last year.

Over 20 months on from his concussion, Templeton is said to be suing Balwyn Football Club after suffering a "traumatic brain injury", according to News Corp. 

"By reason of his injuries, (Templeton) will never again play AFL football for reward and additionally claims economic damage for this loss,” documents lodged to Victoria's Supreme Court claim.

"Since the date of the injury, (he) has experienced periods of unemployment due to injury."

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Templeton is also said to be suing the Eastern Football Netball League and the Boroondara City Council.

His solicitor reportedly claims Balwyn FC was negligent due to the distance between the ground's boundary line and the fence, as well as an impeding drinks cart near the interchange.

Former Fremantle and Essendon player Zac Clarke was also involved in the incident that left Templeton with concussion, which was described as "not malicious" at the time.

Clarke received a two-game suspension at the EFNL Tribunal days after the abandoned match.

Templeton played 14 games for St Kilda between 2014-2016, and was on loan with Balwyn from Port Melbourne at the time of the incident.