Essendon’s AFL anti-doping hearing transcript has been leaked in a 1294-page document, revealing ‘painful side effects’ suffered by some players.

The Herald obtained and published the document which outlines what took place during 17 days of hearings, finally shedding some light on exactly what happened during Essendon’s infamous 2012 injections regime.

The transcript reveals that players suffered painful side effects and most did not know what they were being injected with, while Geelong has also been linked with Stephen Dank.

“A lot of them couldn’t walk without pain as a result of those injections,” ASADA prosecutor Malcolm Holmes, QC, told the hearings.

The most injections a player reported receiving was 23, in either the stomach or the buttock.

The Cats were not implicated with any illegal substances, but then fitness boss Dean Robinson “used the services of Mr Dank” while at Geelong.