Sydney's Isaac Heeney has extended his lead in the AFLCA Champion Player of the Year Award standings, while eight of the nine games from Round 17 saw a player poll a perfect 10 votes.

Heeney amassed three votes from his side's loss to St Kilda to move eight clear of Collingwood's Nick Daicos, who is now 11 votes ahead of the third-placed Marcus Bontempelli.

Essendon's Zach Merrett polled a perfect 10 to move within four votes of the top five as both Bontempelli and Caleb Serong went without votes while Carlton's Patrick Cripps managed four votes for his efforts over the weekend.

North Melbourne's Harry Sheezel, Port Addelaide's Connor Rozee, Geelong's Jeremy Cameron, Giant Jesse Hogan, Demon Trent Rovers, Saint Mattaes Phillipou and Lion Lachie Neale all joined Merrett in adding 10 votes to their respective season tallies.

The game between Fremantle and Richmond was shared evenly as Docker Andrew Brayshaw and Richmond captain Toby Nankervis led the way with nine votes each.

Collingwood vs Essendon

10 - Zach Merrett (ESS)
5 - Ben McKay (ESS)
4 - Jye Caldwell (ESS)
3 - Andrew McGrath (ESS)
3 - Jack Crisp (COLL)
2 - Steele Sidebottom (COLL)
2 - Nick Daicos (COLL)
1 - Scott Pendlebury (COLL)

North Melbourne vs Gold Coast

10- Harry Sheezel (NMFC)
8- Luke Davies-Uniacke (NMFC)
5- Colby McKercher (NMFC)
3- Tristan Xerri (NMFC)
2- Noah Anderson (GCFC)
1 - Sam Day (GCFC)
1 - Aidan Corr (NMFC)

Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

10- Connor Rozee (PORT)
4- Jason Horne-Francis (PORT)
4- Mitchell Georgiades (PORT)
4- Ollie Wines (PORT)
4- Brandon Zerk-Thatcher (PORT)
4- Zak Butters (PORT)

Geelong vs Hawthorn

10- Jeremy Cameron (GEEL)
7- Sam De Koning (GEEL)
6- Tom Stewart (GEEL)
5- Brad Close (GEEL)
1- Mitch Duncan (GEEL)
1- Shaun Mannagh (GEEL)

GWS vs Carlton

10- Jesse Hogan (GWS)
4- Kieren Briggs (GWS)
4- Callan Ward (GWS)
4- Patrick Cripps (CARL)
4- Jack Buckley (GWS)
4- Brent Daniels (GWS)

Fremantle vs Richmond

9- Andrew Brayshaw (FRE)
9- Toby Nankervis (RICH)
5- Josh Treacy (FRE)
5- Hayden Young (FRE)
2- Shai Bolton (RICH)

Melbourne vs West Coast

10- Trent Rivers (MELB)
7- Jacob Van Rooyen (MELB)
7- Caleb Windsor (MELB)
2- Ed Langdon (MELB)
2- Judd McVee (MELB)
1- Kysaiah Pickett (MELB)
1- Tom McDonald (MELB)

St Kilda vs Sydney

10- Mattaes Phillipou (STK)
4- Chad Warner (SYD)
4- Liam Henry (STK)
3- Isaac Heeney (SYD)
3- Bradley Hill (STK)
2- Callum Wilkie (STK)
2- Oliver Florent (SYD)
1- Rowan Marshall (STK)
1- Jack Steele (STK)

Brisbane vs Adelaide

10- Lachie Neale (BL)
8- Josh Dunkley (BL)
5- Ben Keays (ADEL)
3- Darcy Wilmot (BL)
2- Mark Keane (ADEL)
2- Oscar McInerney (BL)


92 Isaac Heeney SYD
84 Nick Daicos COLL
73 Marcus Bontempelli WB
72 Patrick Cripps CARL
69 Caleb Serong FRE
65 Zach Merrett ESS
62 Errol Gulden SYD
61 Lachie Neale BL
61 Sam Walsh CARL
59 Chad Warner SYD
55 Noah Anderson GCFC
53 Zak Butters PORT
51 Jason Horne-Francis PORT
50 Max Gawn MELB
49 Hayden Young FRE
48 Luke Davies-Uniacke NMFC
48 Jordan Dawson ADEL
48 Adam Treloar WB
45 Max Holmes GEEL
45 Matt Rowell GCFC