Collingwood pair Isaac Quaynor and Jack Ginnivan have issued apologies for a recent video that was posted to social media on the latter's TikTok account.

The video, which has since been deleted, featured the two Magpies players behaving in a manner that "is not an acceptable trend to participate in".

In a video posted to the club's own social media channels, both Quaynor and Ginnivan issued apologies for their actions, promising to learn from the mistake.

"Hey guys wanted to jump on here and apologise for the TikTok video," Quaynor said. 

"We did a trend that we did not think about before posting and we're really sorry for making the mistake of participating in it and then posting it.

"We've since realised that it's just not acceptable when it doesn't align with the values that both of us hold. We'll keep learning about what we should and shouldn't post. There's a lot to learn from this."

Ginnivan added: "We're sorry to everyone at the club across all platforms, our members, supporters, for any impacts we have caused.


"Thanks, guys. And we're so sorry again."

Collingwood released a separate statement on Tuesday afternoon condemning the pair's actions, stating their behaviour does not align with their values and that both Quaynor and Ginnivan will undergo education on the use of social media.

"The Club was aware of Jack Ginnivan's since-deleted social media post where he and teammate Isaac Quaynor took part in a Tik Tok trend," a club statement reads.

"After speaking to the Club, the players understood it is not an acceptable trend to participate in and immediately removed the video from their social media platforms.

"The players have apologised to everyone at the club, across all programs, members and the wider community for the impact of their actions.

"In addition to apologising, both players will undertake further education on the appropriate use of social media with respect to the content they create."

The club have not confirmed whether either player has been sanctioned or suspended for their actions.

Collingwood are scheduled to face the GWS Giants on Sunday at the MCG at 3:20pm (AEST).