MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 28: Channel Seven commentator Brian Taylor looks on during the round 10 AFL match between the Carlton Blues and the North Melbourne Kangaroos at Etihad Stadium on May 28, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Luke Darcy and Eddie McGuire have singled out Brian Taylor when it comes to the AFL’s vainest commentator.

This comes following a rumour in the Herald Sun about the actions of one commentator who was looking for more air time on camera.

The rumour claims a well-known commentator made his wife take notes when he appeared on camera so he could compare.

“Which TV commentator had his wife keep a tally of on-air screen time because of concerns about a drop-off in recent times,” the report alleged.

On Tiple M’s Hot Breakfast on Tuesday morning, Darcy and McGuire debated who’d be the man most likely to fit the claims.

They debated the likes of James Brayshaw, Matthew Richardson and McGuire himself, but agreed on BT as the man most likely to do so.

“The term “face time” was coined a little bit at Channel 7 by Dennis Cometti and he just used to say look at the run down because it’s very important to get a little bit of face time,” Darcy said.

“Now there is one man who’s had a history with a bit of stopwatch action. Historically, he likes to just keep an eye on, if a call is happening, how much of the call he is doing and how much his co-callers are doing.”

McGuire then asked Darcy to give the initials of the commentator.

Darcy responded: “Brian Taylor”.

“I have no lines of sight on this at all, but I know Tania, Brian’s better half, and I don’t know. Six to four (odds) you reckon, Ed.”

McGuire gave more names from Channel 7 saying it wouldn’t be someone from Fox Footy.

“It sounds like a Seven thing because we’re a tight knit group over at Fox Footy,” McGuire said.