Brisbane Lions midfielder Callum Ah Chee has spoken out against racist comments he received on Instagram in the aftermath of Carlton's successful appeal of Patrick Cripps' suspension, an incident involving Ah Chee.

The 24-year-old took to Instagram, posting the abusive comments on his story and added his thoughts.

"Not something you want to wake up to in the morning," Ah Chee wrote.

"How can this still keep happening. Why can't my brothers and I just play the game we love without having to worry about sh*t like this ... If my son grows up playing the game - I hope he doesn't have to deal with this hate.

"It hurts and I'm sick to death of seeing it."

Images via Instagram (Callum Ah Chee)

Ah Chee will miss this week's game against St Kilda, following a concussion suffered in the aforementioned Cripps incident.

Brisbane released a statement following the vilification of Ah Chee, heavily condemning the actions that have come to light.

"The Brisbane Lions strongly condemn racist comments made about one of our players on social media," the statement reads.

"It's disgusting behaviour and we must, and we will, continue to call it out.

"There is no place for racism in sport, or in society full stop.

"We have reported the incidences to the AFL Integrity Unit.

"The Brisbane Lions celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and the incredible contribution Indigenous players have made to our club and to our great game.

"It's disappointing to have to do so, but in moments like this we take the approach as a footy club to urge people to educate themselves about the harmful impacts of racially motivated comments and online abuse.

"We would encourage you to visit to learn about the various forms of racism and the impact they can have on an individual, their family and those around them.

"At the Lions we are a family, and when one hurts, we all hurt.

"If you know anyone who behaves in this way, call it out as completely unacceptable.

"Racism. It Stops With Me."