Will Guthrie

    Stick or Twist? The AFL clubs that should consider captaincy changes for 2022

    Should these seven clubs 'stick' or 'twist' when it comes to those that lead them?

    If your team could steal one player: St Kilda Saints

    After underperforming in 2021, who could the Saints use to get back into the finals frame?

    Saints unfazed by great’s questioning of draft selection

    A recent history of South Australian recruits has created a positive trend at Moorabbin.

    Gippsland Power all-time AFL best 22

    We look at the best ever to be drafted out of the Power 👇

    Draft Focus: St Kilda

    How the Saints use their draft hand may depend on others.

    North bounce into 2022 debt-free

    The club are free of debt for the first time in 35 years.

    Murray Bushrangers all-time AFL best 22

    We assemble a team of the best to be drafted out of the mighty Murray 👇

    Ranking top 10 number 2 draft picks since 2000

    While pick 1 is coveted, there's no shortage of stars who have gone with the at number 2.

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